How did you find out about SS13?

Hey hey people, Herr here.

What’s in a badge such as this? I don’t know but it’s probably based on the number of likes you get in a given month. All I know is there’s no secret club room. Nor a prize ham and a plaque on a wall somewhere. As mine have mostly been posts talking about the past CM, it’s only fitting I talk about it again.

As you might be able to tell based on my introduction, it was a video by SsethTzeentach (Space Station 13 Review | AHELP: Clown Grief Pls Ban He™ - YouTube) that brought SS13 to my attention. But how did the rest of you find out about SS13? What have your experiences been since then and the servers that brought you here? Or perhaps you’re a new babe who’se only here for the sweet sweet Marine action and hidden Xeno ****.

A shout out to Blue-Lou who also got the badge today.

A warm thanks to the many members of the CM community, generously liking my posts, you’re all truly wonderful people.

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I found out about this game through Tex.



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I found out from 4chan

watched the sseth video late

My first round consisted of joining Paradise Station, having a therapist ask to take my brain to use inside their PA, and then spent the rest of the round on top of their desk freaking out all their patients who thought I was just a random voice in their head.

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So i got introduced by seeth. But only started to play until recently. I watched tex for a long time before so i knew a lot about the game already. I played on goon exclusively and then moved to playing cm exclusively.

I found the game out from a youtube video-- I quit for at least 3 months.

A friend re-introduced it to me.

I’m a proud Sseth/Mandalore tider. I have no shame either.

I joined a Twitch discord server.

I had Amazon Prime and still do to this day. During that time there was this streamer that I really liked for some reason as he mostly streamed League and TFT, so for around three months I used my free Twitch sub to support him. Eventually I would find out that there was a discord server for subscribers and decided to join it. It was ok, nothing special as the community was rather braindead, but there was this guy that talked to me and would at the end recommend me SS13.

I played with the mentioned person who told me to join the Paradise server, which at that time I understood shit of the game, and, if I remember well, he didn’t help me much at all, so I kind of had to figure things on the go, not much of messing around except exploding a welding tank with a welder and after some time I got bored and killed myself with some metal rods.

After some time, I got revived in Medbay and was asked what happened. I promptly said: “I was testing my strength”, and then I think I just left after the doctors told me to not kill myself again, funnily, I would go to the bar and drink myself to death, I got revived a second time after the doctors removed all the alcohol in my bloodstream, they told me I had a lot of liver damage and wouldn’t fix it because I caused it to myself with alcohol and after that I don’t remember more of the round.
The guy told me to read the wiki and shit so I ultimately learned how to do the basic stuff in SS13.

My first serious role was the paramedic job, which the wiki had marked it as easy and honestly? It was. I learned their medical system pretty fast and it was simple. I remember my first patient in Engineering, west outside of the PA room dying, unsure why but at that time I still had basic knowledge and I didn’t read the server rules, improvising I got inside the first engineering room by breaking a window. After that, I noticed that I lacked the ability to continue entering with the dying guy but there was an SSD engineer. I decided to take his ID and seconds later I was asleep. As mentioned before, I was pretty new and didn’t know what was happening. After some time, I got bwoinked and the admin told me what I was doing, I explained that there was a guy dying and I needed to get in fast. He asked me if I had read the rules to which I responded with yes but the guy was dying (I did not read the rules by the way). The admin was somehow pretty understanding and didn’t even noted me, told me that the AI could have opened the doors for me and have a Paradise day or something similar. The guy died but was teleported to Medbay, no idea if he was revived I never found out, but probably yes.

Later in the following days I would cut contact with the discord server and the guy who recommended me the game. Later on, I would get banned in Paradise for robusting somebody as a mime outside the HoP line on a nukie round and decided to stop playing the game, but then I had the clever idea of making an alt account to keep playing, something kept me in the game. My second account wasn’t that successful in the game, I got warned and banned several times so I decided to do what worked before and create a third alt account. This time I would play more realistically, more serious less shitty and actively try to engage more with the game. I had no idea Paradise had a discord server so I never joined. I would start playing other roles and try the antagonist roles, I made a name with this third account and besides the warnings and some bans that I got, never decided to make a fourth alt account, I played with the same account for a total of 1100 hours. Finally, between those hours I was getting a bit bored of Paradise and decided to visit other servers.

There were TG, Yog, Fulp, whatever Fallout server was on early 2018, also the ERP servers but that never interested me (thank God). But there was this server that I noticed multiple times, it was always in the top 1.
Colonial Marines.


I joined right when the Sseth tide started to die down abit. Back when Beestation was just one server. I watched alot of Boat Bomber in those days too, lol

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My account says it was made 2015 February, I don’t remember that time, I definitely watched some people play whole rounds and that got me interested, then I stopped playing early 2018, replaying maybe a few times a year, and now I got back into it last May.
TLDR I forgor :skull:

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found SS13 through being bored and looking up “emergent gameplay” or something, the funny player-driven experience

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Found out about SS13 and CM specifically from this old video

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I found this game through Space Hippie (RIP.) At the time I was playing legacy Barotrauma religiously, god I miss the legacy servers and mods.

I had been looking for some videos on the game and eventually found Hippie’s two videos on it. I scrolled through his channel and eventually found his massive amounts of SS13 videos (now lost to time.) And here I am now.


nods along

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This is my second account because I forgot the password to my first one from 3 years ago and BYOND doesn’t seem to like the idea of sending emails to a hotmail account for a password change.

I watched the Mandalore Video, but it didn’t look visually stimulating enough to play. Then, I saw the Sseth video, but he didn’t make it sound engaging to play. Then, I rewatched the Mandalore video and tried to mentally overlay the mechanical depth and cleaner visuals, and joined at the end of the Ssethtide.

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I first found out about SS13 from a Youtuber called Nurse/@NurseVO.
It was an interesting experience, to say the least.

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Youtube tends to recommend me wild shit, I ended up in an SS13 video which had me laughing for it’s straight 10 minutes of duration so I wanted to play it!

I could play the game in my potato PC and even better it was online so I could make friends and stuff, so I downloaded it but I didn’t know absolutely anything! I thought that I downloaded some sort of Spyware because of how wacky the Byond launcher looks but I continued anyway, clicking on the first server there was on the list which was Colonial Marines!

I didn’t even know what the fuck I was getting into, getting into a hardcore SS13 server without knowing nothing about SS13! I just woke up in a massive hall with lots of cryo beds without knowing what to do, good thing there was a SEA at the time and I can’t deny, I had fun.

After that round I started looking at the other servers, the Vanilla Experience Server, the Furry ERP server, the Fallout server, but I didn’t bother to try 'em up I sticked with CM, and i’m still sticking with CM at this day. :corn:


I came across a video about SS13 I thought it was cool.

Then a friend called me to play it, so i downloaded it.