Marine Skill issue lately??

I’m a lurker main […]

May your woes be many and your bitches few.


I do it for you babe :kissing_heart:


how do you sleep well being a lurker main?


I am comforted by the “*scream” i hear when i drift off to dreamland.


I think we need more beagle balance. Marine winrate should be 30%.

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True homie.

Drift and/or banning of good marines with nothing being done to help the newbies.
Easiest example - medHUD still for some reason not an automatic thing you start with but something you have to purchase every round. An absolute must carry and gamechanger - so many people panic because they got slashed twice. Not to mention wasting time dragging undefib bodies or ignoring defibbable ones.

The reason helmetless people can do so well is bcus medhud is often unnecessary.
you can get all the information you need w/ a quick click to your body.

Still it’s very helpful in seeing how many people are injured on a front ofc.

The reason helmetless people do well is because sometimes xenos just don’t aim head and because they mostly good at the game.

If you don’t use a helmet you actively handicap yourself in favour of drip, but medhelper hud being relegated to helmet only was a massive fucking mistake. It’s extremely useful and lets you know how well could marines handle another screech or whether they are healthy enough to attempt a flank. It also lets you know who is worth saving and who isn’t (heartbreak? More like ripbozo) You ain’t going to shift click the entirety of fucking Delta to get this information normally. The only time you SHOULDN’t pack a medhud is if you’re using NVG helmet attachment and even then, a screwdriver will let you remove it quick and replace for medhud when you don’t actually need to see in the dark.

Lurkercord hired uavcord to keep asssinating good marines so now they have the trash ones to make kill compilations on.

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I actually find the game punishes not wearing a helmet too much now

it was fine when all you had to worry about were decaps, but now decaps seem to be extremely reliable, like 60%+ chance for some xeno castes (lurkers), and almost every bit of stray damage you get causes head IB or brain damage (which makes you move in a random direction and randomly drop things)

The IB is especially bad; I’ve had rounds where I get head IB in quick staccato succession - medic treats me, I get shot once or twice, or slashed, head IB again. 4-5x treated for IB in the span of some 10 minutes.

Then you get to the HUD tools, like the medhud, NVG, and welding visor - further complicating things for anyone not using a helmet.

I don’t mind not wearing a helmet being risky or limiting but honestly we’re going overboard on it now.

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In my humble opinion, if you wish to have the style points of going helmetless, or as some might see looking like “the protagonist”, you have to live with the multitude of consequences and downsides of not wearing a helmet.


At some point these aren’t consequences but simply punishing players for trying to have fun

It was fine before, now it’s getting overbearing - and a few more nerfs later it’ll be pointless to ever go without a helmet at all.

Like, if you don’t want players to take their helmets off, just disallow it, only let them put the things on. Is that the direction we want to take it? Because if you want players to make a choice the choice actually has to be an acceptable one.


There is literally no downside to wearing a helmet and every downside to not wearing one.

Humanity figured out the value of helmets thousands of years ago. If you want to buck the trend, then the consequences are on you.

As steelpoint said, quite literally wear a helmet. I always get one and the game is as fun as running around in cryosleep underwear with nothing but a buckshot shotgun and the ammo belt. If you feel too cool to wear a helmet, that’s on you.

That’s fine and cool expect that 1) this is a video game 2) you are harming your team pretty significantly by not wearing a helmet by constantly occupying your medics with IB surgeries after getting hit 2 times over and over

It’s not even like armor where you get an advantage for not wearing it, it’s exclusively cosmetic choice. It just seems like a shitty dev choice with even worse design philosophy behind it.

Why did PVT Drake not wear a helmet in the movies? Is he stupid?? (Oh wait it’s a movie… like how this is a game…. Seriously how is this not common sense?


Some quality marines taking the fight to the xenomorph threat (they will get hit once and get IB)



Can you explain why you were ok with it only having a decap chance + extra damage before, but now that there is also IB and brain damage and a higher decape chance, what we used to have is actually unacceptable?

At what stage did we decide that we needed to nerf this more and why?