Mensla - Player Report: Laurencia Beck, Rule 3. Community Expectations, Rule 11. Marine Law

Mensla - Player Report: Laurencia Beck, Rule 3. Community Expectations, Rule 11. Marine Law

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Mark Levine

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Accused character name:

Laurencia Beck

What rule(s) were broken?:

Rule 3. Community Expectations, Rule 11. Marine Law

Description of the incident:

I have not been around Beck for an extended period of time, however, the behavior she has displayed IC is concerning. She uses Marine Law as a weapon when she is the CMP in rounds and causes undue havoc. In my most recent round as a spec, I was arrested for assault, DASO, and RA because I hit and threw an MT who whacked me with a chair numerous times. The XO made an announcement ordering that myself and the other spec to be released, but Beck said this was not allowed or something to that effect. I was immediately put in the brig with no MT ever being processed (to my knowledge), at which point I requested an appeal. Following this, an MP handled my appeal by notifying the XO or an SO, not quite sure. I then began the tedious waiting process. I never received the appeal after saying it numerous times where Beck was able to see and I was ignored. I called Beck delusional and incompetent (no derogatory terms) and was then slapped with another DASO charge and DCIC. I told her I had waited 20 minutes for an appeal at this point and she said something along the lines of it being invalid because those were old charges (I was still serving time for them, even with my new charges). Finally, after about 22-23 minutes, an SO comes in, appeals me, and I’m off. Mind you, it was almost 50 minutes into the round at this point and I just wanted to actually play. I was then met by an MP telling me I needed to serve the remaining 90 seconds of my appeal because it was invalid. I, knowing this would take 5-10 minutes in reality because of processing and the backlog of prisoners, tried to avoid it, and only was able to because of another marine disarming the MP and allowing me to run and deploy.

In a previous round around 2 weeks ago, I was serving a SO with another SO and the XO. I forget what led to this but sometime into the round, the XO and the CL were trying to appeal people out of the brig, at which point the CMP arrested both of them. This left myself, a bald SO, and another SO to man the operation, which failed spectacularly. I don’t know what occurred during that time in the brig but I know it was nothing that pressing as the XO said he was being arrested for god only knows why.

I understand that YES, that technically some of this is allowed under ML; however, Beck stretches it to such a degree where I feel like she is abusing it.


Check the round logs.


I’ll break this down as easily as I can, and then post the same clip I will be posting on the staff report.

  1. You were arrested for various charges initially. You:
    A - Make some ridiculous insulting /me emote along the lines of “mimics the less braincells of the MP” or something.
    B - Punched an MT running away from you.
    C - Threw the same MT into a wall.
    D - Did all this right as briefing was about to get started, causing disruption. This led to multiple other people getting into fights and interfering.
    E - Decided to run away and resist arrest.
    This alone brought your crimes to Assault, Disorderly Conduct, Disrespecting a Superior Officer, and Resisting arrest.
  2. After you were processed, another MP intervened with your appeal. They took the request (I didn’t hear wind of it until afterwards) and forwarded it to the XO.
  3. According to their testimony, the XO delegated it to a SO.
  4. The SO never showed, and was arrested based on their testimony. For this, you were released of your initial charges.
  5. During your initial charges, you decided to call me incompetent and delusional. I don’t know how you would see this any other way except for disrespectful. For this, I added minor DCIC
  6. You received a second appeal. For this appeal, it was granted. I overruled it because an MP told me the following:
    A - The SO was not investigating at all.
    B - The SO strictly just wanted to let people out of brig.
    C - The SO did it improperly.
  7. You never served the remainder of your sentence, nor were we able to schedule someone who was actually going to perform a proper appeal on you either, so I was not able to end the IC resolution.

That would be a violation of rule 5.

  • You may not make an report for another player if they were the victim of a rule break.
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This will be my only response as I’m not doing a 10+ message long back-and-forrh.

1 - Yes, it was ridiculous and bombastic on purpose, it was a joke. Goes back to my complaint of malicious compliance. You take anything directed your way that isn’t positive as DASO. And that MT? As mentioned, he assaulted me beforehand which I yelled numerous times but was ignored. And why did more fights suddenly ignite? Presumably because you’re carting off a valuable member of a squad (not boosting my ego, that’s just how it is).

4 - It should’ve been over long before you decided to add new charges. You had no intention of actually releasing me or it would’ve been done so earlier. I called you incompetent and delusional because you ignored my appeal inquiries and made an ungodly amount of arrests before we’ve even deployed, and failed to investigate my claims.

5 - See no. 1, sentences 2-3.

7 - You clearly misunderstand malicious compliance. You want me to go through the whole brig ordeal for 90 seconds? Let’s not kid ourselves, that would take way longer and I would spend more time in bureaucracy than in my cell. You could’ve just dropped it knowing it would take an unnecessary amount of time for such a menial sentence.

You enforce the law without regard to the situational context and that is my issue with you.


I believe I was either Charlie Specialist, or Charlie Lead this round, and would like to support Crimson’s side here.

Recognizing that Specialists do have a valuable in-game role, what I saw was the specialist in question not behaving like it. It was very apparent that they were being immature and problematic on purpose despite the captain already being in the briefing bubble and ready to address the marines. Regardless, Beck and their fellow MPs were led on a chase around briefing to try and capture them.

I had enough time to leave briefing, find an ATM, and try to bribe an MP to let the specialist go. Just as you’d expect from a heartless, arrest-hungry asshole: they politely declined, and asked me to not get involved in the procedure.

Suffice to say, I think it took longer to write this report than if the specialist had simply complied in the first place, or never disrupted the operation that the captain was trying to start while being so worried that missing a specialist would have damned it worse.

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You being a specialist doesn’t give you any special protections. The MT hit you with a chair offscreen. She ran away from you. You ran up to her, punched her, knocked her down, threw her into a wall, and assaulted her before I peppersprayed you and began detaining you. You being a specialist puts you at higher standards, and you should not be escalating or acting like that. You were in the presence of MPs, and could have easily pressed charges against her instead of choking and bodyslamming her into a wall, making her bleed all over the floor.

I cannot release you on the Captain’s orders if you’re going around assaulting people. I took out your first JAS timer when the appeal timed out. I stuck the second one in because you called me delusional and incompetent.

An incorrect appeal is NoD and willingly letting you go, knowing it was a completely botched appeal, would practically be aiding and abetting jailbreak, or at best aiding and abetting NoD for me.

Just because you’re a specialist doesn’t mean you get to escalate fights. It doesn’t mean you get out of jail free. What it means is that you’re a unique role. You have higher RP standards. You should be acting more mature, and not picking fights where you make situations even worse and snap at those who quell your actions of violence.

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Good work on managing to keep your sanity pulling so many logs

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I did not confront the XO about the appeal, there was a SO who willingly broke appeal procedure just to evict marines from brig.

Also, I don’t know why so many uninvolved players were included here. Please remove all these irrelevant logs, it makes it very hard to like… understand what’s going on from the log’s POV. My video will be up soon, though.

Management has brought to my attention that logs will be looked into from the perspective of an uninvolved staff member since I played a part in taking control of the Provost Inspector late into the round, to avoid any conflicts of interest.

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Hello everyone! Apologies, though Boperator was not included in this report, he was present and interacting with MPs and the handling of ML for the round, and so by protocol shouldn’t pull logs for reports.

The log is assigned to one of our Admins and should be reposted shortly. I’m very sorry for the mix-up!

To avoid any worries, there’s no concern here that Boperator excluded anything or didn’t handle the logs properly, it was just a misunderstanding.

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Hi there! Please refrain from comments such as:
“Also, I don’t know why so many uninvolved players were included here. Please remove all these irrelevant logs, it makes it very hard to like… understand what’s going on from the log’s POV.”
If clarification is needed, or if you feel something has been missed, let us know, otherwise such input is inappropriate.


Hello, is there any update on those logs getting posted?

Also, has this issue been resolved or is it still an on-going investigation?

Logs should be getting pulled within the next 12 hours.

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Resolved in tandem with Ravin Hobo - Player Report: Laurencia Beck, Rule 11. Marine Law