Mentor Application - chrismmar

Mentor Application - chrismmar

Byond CKEY:


Discord ID:


Character Name(s):

Chris ‘Skullface’ Mann

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:

I just really wanna help new players, and having more tools to do so would really help me out on that part.

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:

strong: medical, engineering, most combat tips and tricks. req, PO, chemistry for both OT and medbay
decent knowledge on command,

How often are to able to play CM?:

almost daily

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:

Anything else you’d like to add?:

if your asking “weren’t you already applying? why are you applying so early after the last one” frankly, I really want to be an mentor and help out the new guys, I constantly try to do it when I notice a private, but often don’t really have the time to do it, usually I am busy with other things for my job.

if you want to re ask me the 20 questions from my last mentor app, ill basically answer the same.

Hello Chrismmar,

I think you’re a knowledgeable player and would thus make a knowledgeable mentor. My experiences on the server with you have been nothing but positive, even if that is not a universal sentiment. My chief question in determining whether or not I would throw my hat into the ring on this application is the way in which you would respond to Robotic_Potato on your previous application’s denial.

Chrismmar’s previous application: Mentor Application - chrismmar - #14 by Robotic_Potato

ah that, well to give a full story on what happened, i made a joke towards one of the more popular mentors, I wasn’t sure if he was a petty person or not, (as in -1 my application because I made a joke at his expense) he was pretty chill about it and had no issues with the joke, so when someone asked me if I regret making the joke in LRC, I said “I don’t really care if this joke affects my chance of getting mentor” as I assumed that having -1s on it would definitely affect it. instead robopotato takes me saying that, and stretches it to me saying I don’t care about getting mentor and therefor would be a terrible mentor, therefor denying it. I frankly found it complete BS, but its his call, so I waited the 1 month grace period to reapply to “prove that I’m dedicated” as he encouraged me to do so in DMs

I got screenshots of the conversation if you require proof.

I’m not going to lie to your Chrismmar, using your opportunity to re-apply and opening it with an immature comment like this doesn’t particularly bode well for me. I believe we talked for close to an hour where I tried to explain why I felt the way I did about what you said.

Calling it “BS” and saying I’m “stretching” it makes me concerns you may not have mellowed out as you’ve claimed, as I’m sure many members of the community are aware of your past of being quick to anger and lacking the restraint even in this application doesn’t look good. If you had simply said you didn’t agree with my decision I’d respect that but it seems you’ve gone the other way.

I’m not going to deny this at this time, but I’m going to say you’ve started off pretty poorly. If you can’t restrain yourself in this application after I’ve been nothing but cordial to you how can I expect you to be a good example for the community?


Alright, your reason for wanting to become a mentor is basically the same as mine. From what I understand you want access to SEA so you can teach new people and focus on that instead of other jobs.
I’ve been a mentor for 15 days and in this time I have played something other than SEA maybe 4 times. In this time I have taught a dozen or double marines, three Cargo Techs, one OT, one Maint Tech, and one Nurse.
Frankly, when someone says they want to be a mentor to teach someone like this I don’t care about their game knowledge too much, since you’ll mostly work with marines. Although, being able to walk up to an OT (or any other job) and talk them through the whole process helps.

That being said, do you think you can sit a whole round one on one with a person from point a to b (waking up to dropship)?
Sometimes they’ll have no idea what they’re doing(can’t even press T to talk yet), maybe they’ll alt+f4 as soon as you ask them if they need help, possibly won’t speak english at all, and possibly you might never see them again.
Some people learn faster than others, but I have sat with a MARINE PRIVATE for multiple hours just to get them on their way. In my opinion you shouldn’t leave their side until they understand their job, and for a marine you put them on the dropship. Doing this takes unbridled focus and patience, and I love every minute of it. Can you say the same?

Second, a question with a right (technical) answer: You’re playing SEA and there’s nobody to train? what do you do?

Third: A simple type of mentor help that I’ve seen go unanswered for far too long ingame sometimes. “I am a nurse who wants to deploy to the colony van/somewhere other than the FOB, can I?”


1: yes, infact I’ve done it multiple times as MP or CE when shipside.

2: id probably help out cargo if they are low on people, or mps if they have people in brig and need an appeal, basically help out in places that are understaffed (i am aware im not allowed to do surgury unless im the only person in medbay and no one can come to do it for me)

3: no unless its a secured location, for example, if on LV624, and as a doctor you want to do surgery on the table in the medbay, id say you can only do that if xenos are in caves, otherwise stay in fob (at least that’s how i remember the rules being)

  1. Unfortunately, I’ll have to take your word for it as I have never witnessed you helping anyone. No fault of your own, I’m really bad at paying attention to who plays whatever role. Hopefully someone else can chime in on this.

  2. This was correct until you mentioned aiding MP’s in the brig.
    SEA’s also shouldn’t be handling appeals, as that’s something only the CMP or Commander can do unless they delegate AN MP OR COMMISIONED OFFICER, of which a SEA is neither.

You may not perform: Military Police duties, overwatch duty, research, and ordnance construction. You may: organize supply drops in Requisitions, perform transport piloting duties, or assisting medical with the basic treatment of wounded.
The most I have ever done in the brig is stand there and watch a prisoner while the CMP had to step out, which is still something a SEA shouldn’t be doing unless in an effort to preserve the round.
Also keep in mind our skills are ment for teaching first and foremost. We really shouldn’t be removing embryos from marines just because we can, unless it’s a last resort (if ever.) Refer to the Mentor Code of Conduct for more information.

  1. This is correct. However we aren’t expected to make judgement calls on rules as we are only mentors, we are not an authority on rules. When people ask this question I tell them to Ahelp it. That being said it is okay to directly quote a rule on something in a mentor help unless a moderator/admin says that’s not okay.

thanks for the heads up, I’ve seen SEA’s help with appeals before so I assumed they could, thanks for letting me know. and yes, I am aware about the surgery rule.

I’ve gotten to interact with you as MP and for a usually RP-lacking job, you do well. My interactions have been positive with you, even in OOC. You’re a pretty cool guy! Good luck on mentor!


you can help someone handle an appeal, but you cant preform it yourself. like if an SO is unsure how to conduct it you can be there and tell em how it works.

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again, thanks for the clarification, ill be sure to do that (if it is accepted that is)

Hello good Sir. I am not mentor, But I can say I have watch crise teach people before as CE and MPs Roles. When I watched him teach them I have seen him teach them the basics of how to be a Mp or an engineer. +1 from me

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Sometimes operating in an advisory capacity, either in the form of a leader or mentor, requires that we build relationships, sometimes with people we find to be difficult to work with.

In this case, it’s obvious there might be conflicts between you and your future team leader. If you could please, tell me how you’d like to work on that relationship and what you might do to improve it to a point where it will not negatively impact the team.

As far as all other elements in your application, I see you have a great deal of experience and that’s always a great thing. But of course, you can understand my concerns involving your ability to work with and support your peers. Your experience is valuable, but only if you can make it teachable. Part of that means getting people to listen, particularly if they’re unwilling to.

I look forward to your response! Thank you.

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I mean, I don’t really hold a grudge against the guy, sure I may have sounded hostile in my response earlier, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to listen to the man, I’ll respect him the way you respect your teacher. now, that doesn’t mean that if he does something completely unfair in my opinion I’m just going to take it quietly, all I have done so far is state my opinion, in a (frankly slightly condescending) manner. I will refrain from speaking about him like so in the future, and I am going to listen to him whether I like what he says or not. don’t take my response personal.

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I can appreciate that you recognize yourself and what the consequences of your abrasiveness might be against others when it comes to building relationships.

That said I don’t see a reason not to support your place here. I think you’ll do the community a lot of good with your knowledge and I hope that you find the role fulfilling and engaging, should you be able to get it.


My interactions with Chris in game and OOC have always been positive, like many others here. he’s a goofy dude who just likes to enjoy the game and help people out if they need it, i’ve never once seen him be toxic or interact with anyone in a genuinely inappropriate manner, and as far as game knowledge goes he’s one of the best candidates for mentor i can think of. Denying his application before was unnecessary, in my opinion, and I won’t dwell further into it because that’s not why i’m writing this, i’m just hoping to ascertain that, if you don’t give him the green light despite him getting almost unwavering support for the second time, you’d be making a mistake, shrimply because i see few people in this community who are as passionate about cm and making it fun for everyone as he is.

TL;DR: +1 from me, he’s a decent fella

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I find this hard to believe because I was told by someone you were saying to multiple people that my ‘advice was bad’ in VC? When making this application you didn’t follow my advice to mellow out, despite my comment on your application about the terrible standard you set starting with it you then went into VC after that and called my advice bad.

As in the advice that comes from me, the person who makes the decision if you get accepted, giving you advice on how you could do so. I did not have to spend an entire hour talking to you, trying to help you understand where I was coming from, and giving you advice on how you could improve my perception of you as a potential mentor I could have very well said “Apply again whenever you want, bye”. I’m glad your community perception is improving but your actions frankly seem to show me otherwise.

While the feedback here as been relatively positive I should note the internal discussion with the mentor team hasn’t been so much. I asked some of them to voice it on your application but one of them even told me they thought you would hold a grudge against them and didn’t want to deal with it.

I probably should have denied this right out of the boat with your comments, and I’ll be honest despite the terrible impression you left I had considered giving you a chance after asking for a second opinion from Taketheshot but not a few hours later was I told you were bad mouthing my advice.