Mentor Application - Squirrel7O

Mentor Application - Squirrel7O

Byond CKEY:


Discord ID:

812889740823101441 “Ava B / AV-XX-B” on the CM discord

Character Name(s):

Ava ‘Squirrel’ Biery

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:

As a non-mentor I like teaching new players when I see them, but generaly there are two problems with this, 1: new players don’t really look at LOOC, there is a wall of text and that is just a little pink line (Sometimes when teaching someone I ahelp to say why I am OOC speaking) and 2: If I am playing something more important like CMP or XO and I see someone new I really want to show them the basics but I can’t take away time from my actual role. After some time I decided that I think I have enough experience and knowledge to apply for mentor and be able to have a role that I can dedicate to teaching.

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:

-Command, I main XO both shipside and groundside and have played as every head of department except QM
-Medical, one of the first roles I really got into, I know surgery, what each medication does, what each tool does and how to make all of the usual medical chems
-Engineering, I have built FOB alone more than once on lowpop, know how to put together consoles, cameras, autolathes, hack doors, etc etc
-Marine law, as said earlier I play a lot of command and that requires ML knowledge specificaly for appeals, I also have played a good amout of MP so I can confidently say I know it well
-Jtach operation, I have manned both mortar and CAS many times, and I feel I can competently explain how both work
-OT: I know how to put together any of the explosives and how to make the basic chemicals like cyclo/napalm
-Requisitions: I don’t really play it very much mostly because its just not my thing, but I know how the pads work, how to order things and what things you should be ordering
-Xeno, I know how you are suposed to play each xeno and what is their function for the hive and though I have never played queen I know what are the begginer things a good queen should do
-CM/byond problems: I have for example showed new players that can’t speak because their keys are not binded how to reconfigure their key binds but I would not call myself a expert in these topics
-Reaserch, I know where to get some of the basic things like condensed capsasin, or how to do botany but I just don’t know any odd chemicals that are not listed on the wiki

How often are to able to play CM?:

Because of personal reasons my play times can vary A LOT from week to week. Average is probably 1-2 rounds per day.

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:

Screenshot - 14d4c80a750cc792c893fbe8870520a3 - Gyazo (pt1)
Screenshot - bf9fcb7c47c9681dcd072b47a35fedec - Gyazo (pt2)
Screenshot - 460868218de0e332b0b2a18f5686bd29 - Gyazo

Anything else you’d like to add?:

I am not a all knowing CM player and I am sure there are still tips and tricks I can learn but I think I will make a good fit into the mentor team and I know enough to teach any role on CM to a begginer so they can go on their natural learning curve.


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Just wanted to give a small uptade on a few things.

First is that I have played more requistions and while I have not exactly learned anything because I already knew what needed to be known I can say with confidence that I can run it alone and am very much capable of explaining it to someone new to the game.

Second is that since I have not gotten very much comunity support I wanted to encourage anyone reading this to ask a few questions, since like that I can at least show that I know what I am talking about.


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I never played req, I have been thinking about it though, so to kill 2 birds with one stone…

  1. What do all the color pads north requisitions do?

  2. How do you give crates to the fob from requisitions?

  3. Someone wants some radio keys, where do you get them? [I think this is separate from the req vends at line]

  4. Tell some cardinal rules not to break as a req hand.

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Hello, thanks for asking, here go my answers (What I write here is what I would return in the Mhelp):

1: Hello. There are 5 pads there, Echo (E) and the four squad pads (A,B,C,D). All the pads send crates groundside with the only difference being that you can control the coords from echo pad using the computer above it in req, while the rest of the pads must be sent from CIC by command. For example, if you wish to send a frontline crate, you can load up a crate on alpha pad then call alpha OW telling them that you have a crate on their pad, command will then get coords for it and send it when they like.

2: Hello. First, to send a crate to FOB you need coords, these can be gotten by asking squad marines to give them to you through the radio, once you have them, input the coords into the computer above echo pad (the one with a E on it). All that is left to do from there is to place a crate with everything you want to send on the pad and click send.

3: Hello. The squad, and support radio keys, can be found in the vendor that is in the bottom left corner of req in a little room, the same vendor that has clothes.

4: Hello. For me one of the easier mistakes to make is to accept anything that is requested, especially when it comes to specs. This happens because many times at round start, specs will request ammo that they just want for later, and while it is good to maintain them supplied, you should only buy it the moment they are getting low, else you could spend like 3k on SADAR rockets only to have them be captured 10 minutes into the drop.

I hope these also help you with your future req career ;).

Good job answering, I did not know that OW needed to set coords for the A,B,C,D crate drops.
Interesting that Echo can be set by requisitions though.


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