Mentor Application - Ticker175

Mentor Application - Ticker175

Byond CKEY:

Discord ID:

Character Name(s):
Bob Huey

Why do you want to become a Mentor?:
Because I normally spend half my researcher rounds teaching new researchers and a lot of rounds as engie/doctor/SL/ect teaching baldies how to play the game. being a mentor means i can actually help them formally

What gameplay areas do you know and which areas are you strong and weak in?:
I have 2000 hours and am plat medal in all major areas, CE, SL, RSR, DOC, ect

I know shit that most mentors don’t know… evident when I ahelp for something I am not familiar with like recently camera networks and get no responses for 5 rounds in a row… on highpop

How often are to able to play CM?:
i usually play about ~35 hours a week (i know, ive never touched grass)

A screenshot or transcript of your human and xeno playtimes:
Human (1994.2 hr)

Researcher 494.5 hr
Squad Weapons Specialist 329.1 hr
Chief Engineer 246.8 hr
Doctor 173.0 hr
Ordnance Technician 161.6 hr
Squad Radio Telephone Operator 141.8 hr
Squad Leader 125.7 hr
Squad Smartgunner 102.2 hr
Staff Officer 74.4 hr
Squad Rifleman 60.2 hr
Chief Medical Officer 43.2 hr
Pilot Officer 21.6 hr
Squad Combat Technician 10.9 hr

Xeno (5.6 hr)

Hellhound 3.3 hr
Bloody Larva 1.0 hr
Predalien 0.8 hr

Other (50.5 hr)
Observer 50.5 hr (legit from ghosting),

Anything else you’d like to add?:
From my experience, most mentors don’t know what the button is to answer mentor helps… which is kinda lame…
unlike them I have no life and play this game WAY to much and can answer these questions… which I already spend a large amount of time doing

I also know the answer to most questions simply because of my experience

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+1 Bob is a good player overall and knowledgeable in alot of specialty roles like OT and researcher. He’d be useful on the team and I think he’d conduct himself well in the SEA role with new players.


Bob took the time to teach me research. He has the potential to be a good mentor. +1.

As much as I agree with the idea of helping players, I am concerned about your past troublemaking when creating issues for the marine side of operation. Also for the first time I’m ever saying this, there is a lack of knowledge when it comes to marine law. These things coupled together makes me feel uneasy about you receiving access to mentor tools(which can be abused) or SEA which may be called on to help teach or give advice on marine law.

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I can see where your coming from, but I feel like its more of a RP thing… I like to get away with everything I can, hence my “interpretation” of ML as certain roles (also doesn’t help that the ML gets tweaked every other week). so whilst I am often heard screaming over comms things that may well be untrue in terms of ML, this is more RP than lack of knowledge, im generally well read on ML and SOP.

As for troublemaking I don’t see how that’s a bad thing? obviously if i were to play SEA then i would need to keep it to a minimum and im fully aware that SEA is required to follow ML to the letter and probably wont play it much because of that, but that doesn’t mean im incapable of “playing nice”

and lastly regarding the mentor tools, firstly I have no idea what they are and I am struggling to figure out how mentortools could be abused. Regardless of this I don’t see why you would think I would abuse such tools? I am well known for lets say “creative use of game mechanics” in terms of finding the easiest way to get what I want or best way to do something, but cheating or abusing stuff is a very different ball game and one I have no history of

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To your credit I have seen you teaching people in research the other day, and I think overall as a player you have been improving your trackrecord. I also find it fair that you do not have any history of abuse. I think its a good idea that you won’t be playing SEA that much due to the ML constraints, and based on how you have been teaching at research I’m indifferent/leaning to support to you getting a shot at mentor. Good response, best of luck!

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+1 Man’s definitely knows what he’s doing, I look forward to seeing his Mhelp answers for the things I don’t know. We need folks who know the niche shit and can share that around.


Tbh here I dont feel I can give you a +1 as of right now but thats just me. Correct me if I am wrong but you just had 2 jobbans appealed, but iirc a CMP ban is still in place? Having a active job ban while applying for mentor is not something that sits so well for me and that too it being a field where we at times are giving mhelps about or need a SEA to step in and help out RP if one is not busy with teaching duties, that and going by your listed hours I see no MP jobs hours listed. Yes I know this can also be due the jobban(if its still in affect). Not the mention as you said-

ML is not being tweaked every other week. Are there changes to it at times? Yes, but if you are as active as you say you are keeping up to date on it should not be a issue. Its good for you to clear it up with its more of “role-play gimmick”, but that being said I have yet to see myself from you IC that well read ML and SOP side of you. The side(s) that I do know about you are the bob huey up in the researcher lab working tirelessly for the USCM making stims, etc. or the version of you that has noted for things like IE as a SL. Other then that I have not had too much interaction with you and as such dont feel like can at this point give a +1. For now I will give a -1 BUT NOTE THIS, its a weak -1. Meaning I am open to be convinced by seeing you IC, and by what other people say about you. I think this could be done easy but again I would rather you take you time to do it the right way then at any point jump the gun so to speak(not to say you do but more of just a friendly bit of caution). I wish you the best of luck.

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I have had 3 Jbans, one for SL, one for CMP and one for all engineering roles

Now I will just say right away, at least in my opinion, there is a reason why those Jbans were removed, I don’t feel they were at all warranted and you are free to read my successful applications for my SL and Engineering Jbans:

  • The SL Jban was for shooting MP (that sounds kinda bad on my part but I still feel i was justified to shoot them but please read my ban appeal for the full story). I honestly don’t feel like this had anything at all to do with the fact I was SL, and the exact same thing could have happened if I was an RTO, SG, Spec, or any other squad role, again if you want more information or don’t believe me please check out the appeal. Ticker175 - Job/Role Ban Appeal

  • The Engineering Jban I can understand why they might think that’s a fair punishment but I still don’t feel like I was doing anything specific to the role I was playing or the fact I was an engineer when I got Jbanned. again I would like you to read the Appeal where I go through the entire incident. Ticker175 - Job/Role Ban Appeal

  • Disregarding CMP because I was honestly just fucking around with that role, I started playing it after getting sick and tired of idiot MPs arresting me for no actual reason so I figured if I was the Big MP I could just say… no… don’t arrest that idiot for breaking a window, and to be fair I did do this, a lot. but after a while some idiot RO decided that me not arresting his CT for something minor was worth a PR against me… and I didn’t even bother much with defending myself in that PR… I still don’t think anything I did was worth a Jban but I don’t really ever want to play CMP again so I don’t really care. I will not be appealing this Jban… ever… and have NO plans to Ever play MP again.
    Now dont read too much into this statement in terms of my mentor application, this is specifically my attitude to playing MP roles and NOT to ML and SOP in general

Ah hahaha as for why I didn’t list my MP hours, I only listed my medal jobs, I have played every role (except RO(I’m very competent with manning req even though I haven’t played as the RO before)) for at least a few minutes. But as you have asked, I have 11.7 hours as MP, 9.2 hours as CMP and 3.6 hours as Warden.

Sorry when I said ML I meant SOP, which is changed regularly, and heavily effects ML (ill add a photo of all the changes in the past year or so at the bottom

And I didn’t say it’s impossible or that I am not aware of the changes as they happen, it was more to make a point of how mistakes can be made and I can and have been wrong at times, I’m not flawless.

I honestly don’t care much for SOP or ML when playing as a researcher (mainly because I don’t have to!), so for you to think that I’m not well-read is understandable (considering this is the only role you have seemingly seen me play) but yeah research requires quite a bit of concentration and I’m definitely not thinking about the actual SOP or ML whilst playing as it. If I splert out something like, “Actually in SOP your allowed to gib marines for burgers” well yeah you can probably assume I’m talking shit

As for when you might see me sharing my ML and SOP knowledge, most of the time when I’m CE (which I’ve been playing a lot recently) I follow SOP/ML for most things simply because its easier for me to follow it than to break it, which works for me. but yeah at the end of the day, I am the CE and I am inevitably going to BEND some rules and protocols. but I try to keep anything I say whilst playing CE to be accurate information about SOP/ML, so if your looking for me in game you might want to check engineering hahahaha

For the record, I’ve never been noted for IE as SL
I do have 3 IE notes and I have definitely been in the wrong for at least 2 of them, but to be fair they are my first 3 notes and are over 9 months old now (I’ve been playing for about 10 months), so yeah they are mainly caused because I was still learning how to deal with someone that needs to be shot… without breaking server rules…

So my apologies, I meant to reply to this on the 25th when I had got back, but been a bit busy these last few days and just got some quick comments off on other applications. While I believe your knowledge basis is pretty decent from review of your recent notes, having been quite a lot recently I don’t agree with your conduct at this time, having raked up quite a few in the last two months including two separate engineering job bans.