NessiePendragon - Commanding Officer Application

NessiePendragon - Commanding Officer Application

What is your BYOND key?

What is your Discord ID?

What is your timezone in UTC?

Player Name You Use Most?
Gokcen Demir

Ban Appeals, Whitelist and Staff Applications:
No any kind of ban or application.

Have you been banned in the last 3 months?

If so, why?

Command Knowledge:

How familiar are you with command positions?
I am very familiar with XO, SO (100hr.), and CMP (30hr.). I know Commander’s routine, what others can ask of them, and their limits in the ML, server rules, and SOP. I also know CIC consoles, computers, and their features.
I don’t have playtime as RO, CMO, and CE. But I know as well their routine and their place in the SOP.

Hours in XO:
I currently have 50 hr. as XO.

Hours in SL:
I currently have 54 hr. as SL.

Character Information:

Why did your character decide to become the CO of a ship?
Gökçen was aiming to pursue an academic career as an officer in Sol and become an intelligence officer like her parents one day. She had seen war as it was portrayed in books most of the time, giving her a specific mindset about how battles were fought. While serving on frontline military vessels, she hadn’t experienced more than a few pirate attacks. It wasn’t until her fateful transfer to The USS Alistoun did Gökçen ever fire her rifle for the first time in combat.

While stationed with The Dust Raiders’ flagship, she took part in several engagements against forces of The Colonial Liberation Front, including the suicide attack of the USCSS Corrinus where she was proved her skills as a Platoon Leader, ultimately leading a counter attack after her Platoon had stalled the enemy. Her dedication and hard work paid off after being recognized for this battle, as she was soon promoted to the rank of Captain, replacing the late XO.

For the first time, she had tasted the brutality of war. The mangled bodies, the screams of the injured - it was horrific. Yet when the dust had settled, there was a special feeling of comradery and warfighting spirit for the Marines and Gökçen. They had won. Throughout the coming years, she would constantly petition to be placed in more frontline vessels to participate in combat. Having tested her combat leadership skills, Gökçen realized that there was a burning desire deep inside to keep the fight going.

How did your character attain the position of CO?
After examining post-op reports about USS Alistoun and letters of recommendation from her superior officers, High Command has found her eligible to promote.

A few weeks later, she received a letter from High Command to go aboard Chinook 91 to receive her new rank insignia with a “pinning” ceremony by Major General Maverick. Upon this letter, she met with her Commanding Officer to appoint an Executive Officer to replace her. She prepared her service dress and set off for the Chinook 91 with the Military Police team that brought the letter.

Provide a short story of your CO.

Gökçen Demir’s biography, service record, and some extra.

Command Actions:

When do you believe it’s appropriate to pardon a prisoner?
I would be very strict about pardons. Pardon has to be solely used to bypass some procedures and regulations for operational benefits and player experience. Besides, I think most of the cases can be solved with appeals. I am not there to legalize a crime but represent the common sense and spirit of the law.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use pardon.
I would use pardon for following situations.

  1. In a lower-level offence such as two marines were arrested for hitting each other with chairs in briefing, I may use pardon if I feel there was a misunderstanding. If it happened to be an officer that ordered their arrest, I would first talk with the officer before making a decision.

  2. If the prisoner is an engineer, spec, or medic, I can pardon minor and major crimes for the sake of operation if they are genuinely regretful, apologetic and have a low chance of re-offending.

I would not use pardon for following situations.

  1. I wouldn’t pardon any criminal without first checking and investigating the entire situation, I can ignore the prisoner no matter how important they may seem. Intent is the key.
  1. I would never pardon someone for capital crimes regardless of their intent.

When do you believe it’s appropriate to use a Battlefield Execution?
Gökçen commited to preserving the chain of command, believing it is vital to any operation and breaking this chain is an unpardonable crime for her. She knows that if a marine desperately disrespects or even assaults his commander, it would affect the chain of command adversely by creating a domino effect. Following that, this marine would not listen to orders from XO and SL during the operation, placing himself in an unrecoverable situation and causing the death of himself and many fellow marines who tried to save him. She wouldn’t put her Battalion in peril just because a thug tries to make himself look cool by disrespecting his commander.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use Battlefield Execution.

  1. Shoving, insulting, or even worse, hitting a CO in briefing is a valid cause for me to Battlefield Execute that personnel. However, I wouldn’t pull out my mateba without saying a word, or warning rather and, I would ignore missclicks. Intent is the key.
    (This is also an obvious LRP indicator and the player has to be punished to maintain the roleplaying atmosphere.)

  2. If any personnel under my responsibility, including me, is in serious danger, or the integrity of the ship is threatened by bombing, I would not hesitate to end the threat decisively in case of MP’s are unmanned/incompetent.

  3. I would BE any officer who knowingly and willingly ignored or refused my orders after understanding his intention. I wouldn’t make him charged with NoD, chances are he would be return with a grudge.

When it comes to examples of I would not use Battlefield Execution;

  1. If I am witnessing an event that I think is not malicious, like marine vs marine fight, if their guns are holstered I would simply ignore or delegate MPs to handle it.

  2. I definitely would not BE any private or new player. However, as I stated before, intent is the key.

  3. I would not BE any suspect has been already detained by MPs, since it would be plainly CoC breach.

  4. If there’s too many innocent parties or persons on my sight, I would belay or ignore his demerit to avoid collateral damage.

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I’ve played plenty of rounds with gokcen as my XO and SO and I can say that they have everything under their grips.

I was playing SL one day on Floria Science Nexus or solaris (I don’t remember which to be sure) but unlike any other SO I’ve been under before, she has been the best one. I knew where to go, what we had, and she relayed information effectively to me and my squad.

Even after comms went out she would use the squad message button to keep us informed. If she needed a lase for rappels, she would send me a private message and we would get things done. Going as far out as spamming me with information. And I adored it. She is the reason I play SO the way she from now on. After that life changing round of endless but useful information.

I can’t think of anything bad about them. Although I can’t comment on their RP, they get a +1 for competency.

Something that is missing from my beloved staff officers.

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As for the app: Story is good. Pardons are fine. 3rd BE is a little overzealous. I’d charge with NoD, and if they do it again, have at thee. (Not a councilor tho so :shrug:)

I can say you do a good job as SOing as that is what I have experienced most. You have XOed for me, but often I’ve taken the lead, leaving you little room to show your own capability if my memory serves me right. Haven’t seen you SL either.

Still, it’s a +1 from me.

You have the RP chops, and you’ve always been amongst the layer of “people who are playing SO who should play XO” and not the group of “XOs who should be playing SO and not touching XO yet”. Unless something drastic presents itself, I fail to see me changing my opinion.

Generic advice incoming: keep grinding those XO rounds. Make em count. Make em real. And I hope to see you in the seat soon, Young Commander.

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First, thank you for sharing your thoughts :slight_smile:

I only play XO and SL when I “really” want to play Command. If I can’t give at least 90% of myself, I never touch these two roles. And when I play these roles, I think I really give at least 90% of me.
However, during the application process, I will try to force myself to play XO and SL.

I’m not very good at making up situations to answer BE questions, not gonna lie. In a real situation, I think I would act more prudently than the examples I gave.

Honestly, Glocken is a solid XO that seems to know what they are doing. Also a great SO as already stated. Agin haven’t seen much if any SL from you so get some more ground side hours.

RP wise I have no issues as they always stay in character and add to the RP.

So I would be comfortable giving this app a solid +1

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I’ve had a phenomenal experience watching this player grow and learn. I can say without a doubt Nessie tries harder than a large amount of learning players and definitely strives to do their best no matter what role they take in. They are also well experienced in a multitude of roles and I think given their personality they would be a good addition as a Commanding Officer! :slight_smile:

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Ah Gokcen, I remember your name (regrettably) not much but it sticks out. Either case I feel you are competent in command + Roleplay for a CO WL in my own opinion. Though this isn’t much considering I am the most recent CO WL holder at the moment so my experiences with the CO WL is sparse at best.

Besides that I do believe you will utilize the WL with strides and confidence, and do hope to met each other soon in a situation where we are on equal terms rather than one being superior to the other.

For now, unless something magically happens where you are no longer a pleasant officer to have around, you will have my +1.

Also, where’d you get those google doc skills? I need to really up my google doc skills to compete with that.

As a last notice, keep this as a reminder, The 3rd Company of the 1st Battalion of the 6th Brigade, the Spying Eye, watches you closely. Beware where you step and speak. We will be taking note of you for future purposes.

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I’ll probably come back to write something more thorough but promised I’d respond and kept ya waitin long enough. I’ve always found you to be an absolute pleasure to have as my XO. Ya know ya shit, and I have no worries about RP or anything else. Easy +1 from me.

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From my experience, a solid MP and command officer player with solid RP abilities. I haven’t had much interaction with Gokcen in an ML capacity but that’s usually a good thing(as bad moves in ML usually get broadcast to the entire community). So here’s my community +1.

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Absolute +1. I’ve had countless excellent rounds with them as my SL, XO, CMP, and SO and I have full and total faith they can handle this WL.
I would genuinely feel bad for taking so long to post this almost but realife>sillyspessman game.
I can’t wait to see you as CO.

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Thank you for all your supportive comments :pray: I’m happy to provide good CM experience to that many players and I will keep doing my best not to damage your trust.

Really cool player to play with, I think Nessie can get a shot on this.

I played command in different positions with them and I think they work well on it.

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From what I have seen in action in the CIC, as well as in squad level, and MP roles, there’s been consistent performance with positive interactions.

In the CIC you can very well maintain order and ensure the flow of the operation. You have a very good sense of what is more serious/severe and what can be tolerable. Similarly, from experience I find you competent enough to handle and carry the round.

I find your takes on pardons and BEs quite reasonable, and I do not expect any issues with rulings from your side.

However I encourage you to be a bit louder (as in more present, in a good way) with the marines and to interact with people more whenever you get the chance. Combining that genuine concern with established relations will prove very helpful when you find yourself in a CO position.


Wish you good luck.

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I didn’t recognize you by name but, this is purely due to my ignorance. I am ashamed of not knowing someone who has analyzed and observed me that well, please excuse me.

While I appreciate what you wrote completely; I give much more credit to your last sentence you wrote about how I can improve myself, I will definitely work for it. Thank you for your support and sharing your thought. :pray:

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He is Alan Jones, I’m pretty sure he played has SO several times while you were XO

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Yes, he dm’d me on Discord. We chatted with him about old rounds yesterday :smile:. I have learned a lot about SO from Alan Jones, It’s an honor for me to earn his praise.

To be honest, the Council was originally reluctant on this application due to some recent incidents with you as a CMP. We’ve taken the time to observe you, however, and it looks like this was a one-time thing and we’re not gonna hold it against you as a result.

You’re competent, your application is fine, and one of the Councilors even vouched for you personally with your ability to take control of a situation and even apparently averted a mutiny. Well done.

Well, you’ve earned the respect of the community and the Council both. I don’t see why we would have any other verdict.

This application is accepted and your promotion has been cleared.
Congratulations, Major Demir. Welcome to the CO whitelist!

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