Opinions on how to rework the APC or add other vehicles

This thread is to gather opinions on how to rework the APC. The main problem I seen when digging around in older APC-removal PRs, not just the merged one which finally removed it, was the APC being a giant bodyblocker at the frontline instead of actually transporting supplies and marines. The medical variant was also often described as too overpowered as it allowed doctors to complety heal up marines without ever having to worry about lurkers and runners.

To begin with that, if it gets re-added in the future, the APC must clearly get shifted towards a support role instead of a less-overpowered tank which can block less marines retreating. I suggest removing one of the weapon (Which probaly won’t happen cause the APC in Aliens had two guns and we need to stay in line with the lore) and nerfing the other weapon, together with possible nerfing the armor. To allow marines being transported to the front to observe the environment and get out when the APC arrives at the target location, I think there should also be some way for the passengers to look outside the APC without using one of the two aviable viewports, although I am not coder and don’t know if that would be possible to add. Finally, if the medical version stays, it should be reworked into a more medevac role instead of the medbay directly at the frontline.

I think a good place to start would be by removing the weird interior space thing. Have people just strap in on the outside. An open-air vehicle would probably be a good start.

I think sole transport duties would be a good idea, at least to start with. Having marines strap in on the outside still makes them vulnerable to things happening around them, but provides much better logistical options and faster transportation.

A catch of being outside is the straps would prevent firearm usage. No portable SG spam. The buckling and unbuckling should also take a bit so people can’t just ride behind enemy lines and begin blasting.

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APC should never come back

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The sitting on the outside sounds like a good idea, and the developers would probaly only need to place invisible or resprited seats on the outside, although it should still have an interior space for transporting supplies like MREs or ammo. Making the vehicle interior more integrated into the world outside the APC sounds nice too, especially if the APC interior would be placed on the world and maybe shows up when entering it, although I don’t know how easy or hard to code it. Civ13 has something like that too, but I am not sure if that works on this codebase without much reconfiguration.

What about replacing the APC with a Humvee? More out in the open, only has a light machine gun like a M56 on the top for support, and its driver/passengers are open seated allowing them to be swiped at from outside of the vehicle, so you see it behind the frontlines more often than not.


I one hundred percent agree with Lambda.
What your describing is basically turning the APC into a ford f-150 with guns on it. The role in lore and originally in game the APC filled was essentially an IFV, equivalent to something like a Bradley. Really, as something like a support role, I would recommend adding an equivalent to the likes of the colony van, armed withan M56d. It would fill the role of transport and medevac, however it would not be powerful enough for marines to employ it predominantly on the front line. This would encourage just what your asking for. A way for marines to scout ahead, be rapidly deployed, and be medevaced when they get hit.
However, its lack of armament and armor would insure it doesn’t become a giant meat shield. Personally, I believe this is by far the best way to go, and it would do well to be tested as a PR. While I love the APC and Tank, I would love to be able to bring vehicle crewman back in any essence. And I think to start, a transport truck would fill that role nicely. If this is done well, it is always possible to experiment more, like implementing variations that are perhaps faster or better armored.


Both suggestions sound very cool, especially if later other variants which can offer different playstyles so rounds as VC don’t get too boring, maybe adding other support equipment. I especially like the humvee idea as the truck seems somewhat weird especially when used for scouting or logistical support on the frontline. Although it would be interesting to let the VCs choose between humvee and truck.

why was the APC removed in the first place? I haven’t played since 2020

Something like bodyblocking and doing the work of medical and being the ultimate unga while bodyblocking everyone, atleast the discussions on github say that.

It should stay dead considering the nerfed state devs want it in order to add it back. Lock this useless thread


You can of course believe, the APC should stay dead, but was it really needed to thumbdown all posts which say something you don’t want to hear and yell at the admins to lock the whole thread?

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Have it accessible like a backpack. Make it take time to open the trunk.

We could also use a menu similar to stripping another person, where people can put specific things into containers or slots and pull them out.

These ideas sound like the Scorpions and Warthogs from Halo, which were famously hard to drive, left passengers exposed to alien plasma, and killed as many friendlies as they did enemies.

Suffice to say: I love it! A 2x4 size sounds like plenty for an exposed driver and gunner/shotgun seat, some new dropship seats on the side so marines could even fire from it and be fired on, and a slot for storage.

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It would be cool, especially with the dropship seats such a warthog-like vehicle would have enough capacity to be used for both transport and scouting roles, although smartguns, flamethrower, SADAR and other heavy guns should be probaly limited from firing from the seats, as the aliens don’t have many firearms and runners, which would be probaly one of the few castes which are as fast as the vehicle, would die very fast and the devs probaly don’t want to add a superfast vehicle which shoots fire and rockets around.

apc was a fun and useful tool for marines. the fact it was removed is stupid, seems like the xenodevs have struck again… too much crying from lurker and runner mains saying they couldn’t insta sunlock and cap a metal box…

also the solution to every conceivable problem is


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That’s true, and I already have seen APCs getting destroyed by two smart spitters, but the devs probaly won’t get the APC in the same state back, as they are all xenomains.

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its genuinely sad how true that is

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i don’t think apc is good

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We need Kat “APC” Smith’s input on this. Please contact the Katherine Hivemind.

Removing the APC was the biggest marine buff

The amount of issues poor APC players caused, from spreading false info with ,abcd (that they had for some reason). Apc drivers were a big factor in getting the ,abcd cooldown slapped in besides command players just spamming it. APC drivers also liked to sit in a choke and get marines capped left and right by blocking their exit cause the APC gunner wants to “shoot”. Not to mention VC quality would wild greatly from great players such as Kat, Meatball, to some random Russian dude who’s just angry and can’t speak english. For real the amount of Russian VC players that couldn’t speak English

The APC didn’t fit into a team player role anywhere, the modules they had were “eh” at best and even when they had good modules such as the Med APC with an OR table, it would turn medical groundside gameplay into a brain rot.

The APC was a shitty replacement for the tank that was sorta of just slapped in. The tank was also shitty in its final days after being stomped into the ground.

The APC needs to change from it’s core, you have to make it something that can change the battlefield, or just leave it out.

Also those of you saying xenodevs, get a grip on the 2d silly spacegame