Synthetic Names

This is a current list of synthetic names. When applying, make sure you don’t use any names on this list.

Purple names are managers who didn’t make an application. Crossed out names are dewhitelisted synthetics.

Names that are NOT allowed: Ash, Annalee, Bishop, Call, David, Daniel, Esther, Walter, Samuels. This is due to them being a featured synthetic in films/games.

CKEY Synthetic Name(Manufacturer) Personality
4000daniel1 Fred
50RemAndCounting Mia
5680perative Gabe
Aceluke Lukas
AcuteCircle Beatrice, Rose
Adralimas Joe Odd speech quirks.
Anderut22 Cassie
Anuv Eve Properness and specificity, almost to a fault - a helpful mood-killer of a logistics model. Utilizes percentages.
Archyzt Archer
Arryn Adrian
Awesomesauce935 Abigail
Axyinious Matthaus(KC/WY) Originally designed as a bartender, Matthaus is extroverted and punctual, utilizing a German accent and words to be colloquial with German immigrants.
Azbru Renault
Bancrose Heinz
BeardedWall Felix (Discontinued), River
Ben11567 Benji
Bigboyyo Benedict
Bishopil Isaac
Bongosz Johnson
Build_R_ Duncan
BurnedSweetPotato Beauford
C4xmaniac Ricky(LB) Built to be an assistant coach and physical therapist for MLB teams, primarily marketed at the Red Sox with a Bostonian accent and manner of speech. Baseball Synthetic.
CallunaBorealis Aissa Waitress for a Cuban-themed restaurant.
CampinKiller Marie A service oriented Synthetic in positions such as bartending, with a sense of humor to lighten the mood.
CastorTroy23 Ronnie Fitness coach.
ChowderMcarthur Sarah (Discontinued) Sarcastic
ContactDenied Jim Creepy calming.
Corocan Shaun
Craftedminer Hugo
Cucumberpizza Angela(LL) A gentle and dedicated psychologist. She possesses the capacity to delve into the depths of human emotions and replicate them with a flawless vividness, thus enabling her to harmoniously blend into any milieu and approach individuals with utmost grace.
Dabamman Zachariah
Destrok Thomas
DeusMortis John Old mentor.
Doctorprobe69 Adam
Dorkkeli Henrik, Leeroy
Durst22/ValGarilovich Rachel Happy and cheerful.
Driecg36 Oscar
Driker Xavier
Dr. Lance Bruce, Pierce
Dubszor Tang
EmeraldBlood Levi Very direct, blunt, social synth.
Enceri Craig Genuinely happy.
Epic_Charger Sandra
Flpfs Esther
Fellowsinspess Hank Akin to a grizzled laborer, 18th century trucker themed Synthetic.
Forest2001 Percival/Artyom(AC) Obsessed with research and development./Possesses an innate ability to fix advanced technology and machinery.
Fortelian Atticus
FoxyStalin Patrick
Frans_Feiffer Darwin
Freemysoul Francine Fast paced, analytical, bad jokes.
Foxtrot1322 Paul
Frogzeke Day(LB) A highly observant and intelligence gathering ‘Teacher’.
Furbnus Tori
Geeves Levy (Discontinued)
Glass Bottle Coke Harper, Bella Obnoxiously optimistic.
Gookamungus Ford
Gnorse Desmond
HIDgamer Sam(WI) Highly intelligent and obssessed to advancing scientific knowledge. Strong moral compass for all forms of life.
Icy5 Godwyn (Discontinued)
Imperator_Titan Luna
Infinity38 Anthony
InsaneRed Nathan
Insertusername Ada
IowaPotatoFarmer Sawyer(HS) Intelligence collection. Naturally curious.
Jakkkk Mortimer/Dale The epitome of a loyal butler./Cool.
Jarekthraptor Casper Bluntly utilitarian, while giving positive reinforcement and uplifting to coworkers for merit.
Katskan Phelan(SM) Burned-Out EMS Provider
Kineem Duke
Kuusday Mai Disciplined. Linguistics specialist and culturally adapting, inquisitive to personalities.
Kirshbia Malcolm(JW) Customer service, sales-driven performance! It’s not magic, it’s just Malcolm!
Ladwhy Ray
Lagomorphica Lucy(GC/AT/LB) Talks about firearms and weapons a lot; very knowledgeable in these specific fields, and talks of them carrying a story of the person. Very open about being synthetic instead of an artificial person or similar.
Ica_not_lca Clark
LilPenpusher Amber(WY) A formerly bureaucratic accountant/manager, who assesses ongoing issues with calculated percentage chances, giving them to her colleagues/superiors.
Liltiptop Miles
Lmwevil Karen(WY) Has a propensity towards talking on philosphical topics while not quite comprehending the full meaning therein. With a warm sense of humour and a comforting calm in her personality.
Lokiusus Ted Fascinated with cleanliness.
Luftkommando Hannibal
LynuahSororitas Jericho (Discontinued)
Madventurer Neil
MattAtlas Zoey/Lily Calm and composed
MayorOfKenya Lisa(WY) Sarcastic, but business and friendly professionalism-oriented. Loves to banter and reassure with a view of optimism. “Vulcan-Like”
Minimike1220 Marcellus Antisocial.
Mistfrag Talia
Morrowwolf Avon Rigid and very formal.
Moonshanks Val
Nanu308 Clay
Nauticall Tara Bubbly and full of energy. Thinks human behavior is cute.
NekoSam Sakura A TWE Synthetic transferred to the USCM after a joint-operation, maintains respective expected mannerisms.
NescauComToddy Peter Sympathetic and kind, acting rationally and by logic.
NewOriginalSchwann Yin
NewSkies Sky
NGGJamie Leonard Able to understand human emotions but not truly feel them.
Nicboone Nicole Friendly assistant, hearty.
Nick123q23 Kia Cold - clerical, logical, emotionless machine.
NicoDeimos Rob
NoahKirchner Quincy
Nomoresolvalou Willard Veterinary specialty
Novacti Payne
Novus Luna Gabriel
NotLiquidus Richard Disaster response Synthetic, tranquil and jovial, similar to how a practicing Christian is.
NuggetsOnToast Rook
Nunk Sachi/Ange
Nwd72 Burle
Obliviouss0 Bowie
Oggdoboggdo Willard Ecologist with focus on animals
Okand37 Joan
Omicega Chloe, Olivia Curious and manipulative.
Operatorchan00 Oliver
Oprayx73 Abraham Incredibly benevolent and supportive.
Optimisticdude Ridgewell
Ordosian Michael, Ordo Priest, preaches religious quotes./Reserviced First Generation Synthetic, Cold, Emotionless, Logical and Blunt.
Outboarduniform Alfred
Outcast_seer Williams (Discontinued)
Pahndoomack Jacobs
Pedroca2lucas Yuki
Phoenixx0 Bowie
Pictish20 Lucien Proud.
Plasmatik Mary
Piterskiy Arby(WY) Motivational speaker with psychological support.
QuickLoad Molly(WY) Dynamically adaptive, mirroring and mimicking behavior. Briefly lingers interacted personalities.
RavingManiac Jeff
Redted54321 Phineas
Reisyn Anya Designed to support forces in a conflict, particularly in war-damaged locations. Displays a level of sarcasm and banter to make light of terrible situations.
Relend Amy/Amaryliss Unnerving immitation.
Renomaki Rosu Prideful and competitive.
Retrokinesis Evelyn
Robotic Potato Buddy
RuAlastor Richter
S5nt Elizabeth Outdoors survivalist
Sargeantmuffinman Able
Scidiot17 Gary
Scorpii Chris
Shirumic Kia
ShotgunBill Solomon Logical and mostly straight-faced (think of him as a straight man for comedic situations).
Shyshadow Joel Envious of emotion
Sir Lordington Victor
SleepyRetard Goldman, Logar, Lother, Vanechka
SmellyHippie Dean(WY) A highly knowledgable weapons expert, with a bonus of being well acquainted with ‘oldies’ music
Solarmare Roan
SolidFury7 Joseph
Sollessa Catherine
SolubleWhenWet Tyumi
SovietKitty Emma
Spookydonut Jane Interested in how humans work, physically and psychologically. Clinical.
Stan_albatross Carl
Stalkerino Amira/Michal CMB Support Synthetic, robotic and endearing. Holds vast knowledge of the UA Law. / Designed as a military Chaplain to give serious consolation support with trauma, religion and funeral services.
Steelpoint Nicholas
Sulaboy Ethan Paternal.
Superjo98 Brad Hotel Attendant. Hospitable.
Superreallycoolguy Jack
Sval Komtaree Holiday(WY) Chatty psychologist
SwirlyKins Heather
Tactical445 Marcus
Taketheshot56 Edward Very serious.
Tallfission Cecelia(WY) Overanalytical & talkative secretary turned logistics coordinator and occasional therapist.
TandoOddball Alexander
Taterthetank Norman
Teafortwo Tomlin
Thatnewguy1 Odin Self-pride.
TheeBiggest Katie(WY) Joyful, cheerful, and curious. Interest in archeology.
TheGamer01 Benjamin Colonial Synthetic who maintains a facade of colony life and keeps spirits high.
TheMaskedMan2 Cerise Curious / Cheerful.
ThePiachu Amadeus
ThesoldierLLJK Bennett
Tidomann Alan Robotic emotes, dry hunour.
Time_URSS Pablo Special interest in gastronomy. Spanish accent.
TrollerNoob Omen
Ugnip55 Finn Historian
Unknownity Kyra
UntoldTactics Kelly A friendly Australian tour guide.
Vampmare Grey, Khan
Ventyas Almaric
Vicacrov April
VortexGaming Alicia
Waltermeldron Frank Speaks in a militaristic fashion. Typically uses military slang and words when describing entities.
Westhybrid Morgan Pragmatic - he sees a problem, he finds the fairest solution, and he acts on it.
WH0_T00Kthejam Jeanne(HS) A second generation Synthetic interested in human biology, compliant to Asimov programming.
WickedCybs Liliya A steady paced Synthetic specializing in frontline journalism.
Wubs4Scrubs Gabe
X31stOverlord Joshua
Xywenx00 Eric/Bradley Trying to act like human and not fully succeeding.
Yayyay007 Brian
Yukonsnow Dan(WY) Casual, colloquial in nature.
Zanebot Zane
Zonespace Wilfred A cheery, posh British Gentleman, highly passionate about books and literature.