Ban Procedures

CM SS13 Ban Procedures


This document is the public record for CM SS13’s Ban and Appeal procedures and regulations. It details our ban escalation system, our permanent ban policy and our appeal rules.

This document will be revised and updated every three months (1st January, 1st April, 1st July & 1st October) by the management team and ban management admin should any changes be required.

Please keep in mind this document will be closely reviewed for the first few months. During this period, or whenever a periodic review occurs if there are any changes there will be a notice on Discord and the Forums.

Ban Escalation:

Our current ban escalation policy is as follows:

  • 3 hours
  • 1 day
  • 3 days
  • 7 days
  • 28 days

Job Bans:

From the point of this document’s publication, if a player receives three total job bans for the same role the ban will be 180 days MINIMUM.

Hierarchical job bans (banning superiors e.g. OT is banned so CE is banned) will also be 180 days. (This means being banned from OT three times will also ban you from CE for 180 days) however they are likely to be longer.

Note: Barring exceptional circumstances, having an active job ban will prevent you from applying for Mentor or Moderator.


Staff will never ban you from a whitelisted role, however if you are banned from a major prerequisite role or a subordinate role (E.g. MP as a CO or Medical as a Synthetic) the relevant Whitelist Council will be informed and you may face consequences related to your whitelist.

Breaking server rules as a whitelisted role such as griefing or LRP may also result in consequences for your whitelist.

Receiving a permanent ban will result in the loss of any and all whitelists you may hold. Return of your whitelists is subject to the will of the relevant council(s) after a successful probation.

Permanent Bans:

All permanent bans will stand for a MINIMUM of 180 days. An appeal can be made after this time, if your appeal is accepted you will be placed on a three month probation. (e.g. Ban lifted on 12th March, probation ends 12th June). Probation playtime will be reviewed every month, the day prior to lifting. (e.g. Ban lifted on 12th March, first review will be on 11th April).

A vouch from another server is appreciated for a Permanent Ban appeal, but having one is not mandatory.

During your probation you will be required to play at least 12 hours a month so we can assess your behaviour. Failure to do this will result in your probation being extended. If you fail to uphold the required time after your probation is extended you will be rebanned. Failing to get the needed playtime will not upgrade your ban to unappealable.

Any rule break requiring a ban, excluding EORG, will result in 24 hour bans at minimum. If you are banned for 72 hours total during your probation it will fail. If your probation is failed, or you receive another permanent ban after your probation ends you will be unable to appeal and will be forever barred from the server.