Krieger26 - Timed Ban Appeal

Krieger26 - Timed Ban Appeal

What’s your BYOND key?

Character Name?
Cristhian ‘Robot’ Quintana

Type of Ban?
Timed Ban

What is your Bancode?

Admin who banned you?

Total Ban Duration
182 days

Remaining Duration
182 days

What other servers do you play on?
Dead Space 13 and Forge World Eipharius

Are you now or have you been banned on any servers? Which ones?
Yes, like almost a year ago I was banned from Bee Station, why? Because I made a joke about prision showers, you know, the soap and what comes after that, an admin came asking why I use the word “rape”, when I was going to explain him, my internet failed, when I reconnected to the server, I was banned, due that I was not very interested in Bee Station I never tried to explain myself at the forums.

Do you play using a Virtual Machine?

is your copy of Windows legitimate?

Reason for Ban:
Multikeying and Ban Evasion.

Links to previous appeals:
This is my first appeal.

Your appeal:
I was originally banned for three hours due that I accidentally shot and killed to Chief Engineer with my sidearm. How it was an accident? Because I was using “target” gun mode, it was my first time using it so I really didn’t know how it work. Why was I using “target mode” on Chief Engineer? Because I looked a fight in the chicken so I decided to help, I pull out my side arm and did go inside the kitchen, there I pointed to Chief Engineer, I told him to drop his stick, maybe He did not pay me attention and then he moved, due to that my character shot him to dead like two or three times, the marines present in the scene seeing me shooting to the Chief returned the fire to me, before I fall to my dead I screamed “SORRY”. After that an MP came to the scene, arrested me, I was bring back from the dead, I apologiced saying that this an accident. However the MP did not believe me, then an admin asked me about what happened, I explained him, he neither believed me. Due to that I was banned for three hours.

So, I was banned, seeing this I tell myself “Well, I really do not deserve this, I will just log in my other count and play”, so I did, I used my other acount “Chris268” under the name of “Hanz ‘Krieg’ Trenchman”. After 5 or 10 minutes another admin came and asked me “You know the rules of the comunity?” to that I answered “Yes”, turns out that there’s a rule against using another count to evade ban. He also asked me “Why do you have two acounts?” to that I answered him "Because once I forgot the password for my orignal acount ‘Chris268’, so I created another, ‘Krieg26’, after sometime I tried and recovered my original password and returned to use my principal character “Hanz Trenchman”. For the multikeying I apology and take responsability, I did not know that that was a huge mistake due that once I was banned for three hours after running over some marines with the APC and nothing happened.

I’m asking to return to the game, I really enjoy the experience and don’t want lose it for so many time.

Sorry if there’s bad grammar in my appeal, english is not my native lenguaje and I still learning it.

You just got banned for multikeying yesterday. You willingly decided to break the rules.

“Well, I really do not deserve this, I will just log in my other count and play”

Says all that needs to be said, you willfully decided to break the rules with zero regard because you did not deserve to be banned after griefing.


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