thespy24574 - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - thespy24574

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?

Space Waffle#8984

Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?

Andy “Mutton” Marcotte

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?

Denied thespy24574 - Synthetic Application - Denied

Denied thespy24574 - Synthetic Application - Denied

Denied thespy24574 - Synthetic Application - Denied

Denied thespy24574 - Yautja Application - Denied

Thespy24574 - Commanding Officer Application - Denied

Thespy24574 - Commanding Officer Application - Accepted!!!

thespy24574 - Synthetic Application - Withdrawn

[Likely more on the old forums that I can not find.]

Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:


What is your Synthetic’s Personality?

Ezra is a sporty and fun synthetic, he gives off a relaxed and happy demeanor. Often using baseball terms and hilarious quotes, where applicable, to lighten the mood or make a thoughtful statement. Along with this, he is a determined synthetic, not willing to give up easily.

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?

Ezra interacts with the different ranks aboard the almayer in a relaxed manner, Officers and enlisted alike can share in the brilliant sporty mind with excellent sports recaps of the most recent of baseball or football matches! With this being said, Ezra also has a somber side should the situation call for it, such as a loved one died or an operation fails. On a happier note, Ezra loves conversing with fellow marines about favorite players, best times, and even the hilarious moments such as a batter jumping over 2nd base!

In regards for an advertisement; “Ezra: The angel of the LA angels”

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?

Have been trying to become a WLed synthetic for little over a year, in this I have not stopped as I still wish to be a synth because they can do a lot more in situations that regular marines couldn’t.

As for why you should whitelist me; I have massively improved since the last applications. Acquired CO WL, became a mentor helping new marines (So infuriating when hijack happens or the round ends mid training). My typing, knowledge and skill have all have improved since my first WL application for synthetic. I do hope I can properly show my knowledge and experience.

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?

During a semi recent event round, it was me (CO) against my XO (Howard, CO council member). In that round I had a nice chat with Wilfred, mostly about the current situation I found myself in. Specifically about the ‘General Moore’ and ensuring wilfred would be on my side should the XO attempt to do something drastic. But all in all, I had little conversations with synthetics barring events. As well as not really seeing them much when I play, probably due to me focusing and not looking for them.

Synthetic Character Story:

An audio log, not real any visual aids outside of you, the reader, thinking and processing the information as noted in the story.



Quite familiar, everything to walls, cade-lines, APCs and telecom towers. Even the odd synth repair should surv synth appear.


WLed CO, I will boast I am quite experienced in CIC. Including battle plans and the like. Even drawing on the maps and formatting brilliant plans.


2nd most familiar, right behind Command. I know every surgery, even with engineering tools. Along with holding myself the best in medbay, chemline, or even in the field.


Out of them all, this is my weakest department. While I know every inch of it, every process, and every check book its just not very enjoyable for my tastes, But it’s a necessary part of the whole operation.

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.

Ezra may perform combat in these situations, granted he can’t give chase or venture into known dangerous areas;

He may wack a runner should it be harassing themselves as they retreat into FOB. Example; Ezra is fireman carrying a dead marine on their back, an acid runner runs from marshals and begins to slash Ezra, in response Ezra grabs his telebaton and does a ‘fighting retreat’ into the safety of FOB.

If find himself cornered he is allowed to fight, given this situation is dire already its likely chances of survival are slim. If he does survive he will attempt to find marines or fellow comrades in an attempt to survive.

Or if he finds the queen attacking alamo’s console. Example of what I mean by this; Queen attacking the alamo’s console while loads of marines are still alive in a siege is considered a delta level threat. Allowing synthetics to kill the queen, or at best ward her off should he be able to. Hijacking alamo while we are all groundside is a massive threat.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?


Are you currently banned from our Discord?


Let us know why you were discord banned.


Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?

Might be talked about but Yes I do have history over at TGMC. Nasty situation but I have grown from it, any questions regarding this will certainly be answered.

Forgot to add play times.

hello, your CO app’s hyperlinks redirect to the same app (the accepted one).

Apologies, seems I forgot to remove that link when I first made that list of denied/accepted applications. An error on my part.

here was the intended link to a old forums application; Denied thespy24574 - Yautja Application

An easy +1

Thespy is an excellent roleplayer and a great guy to be around in general. Hes got a good head on his shoulders and plenty of experience in support roles.

Thanks for the +1 Michael. Can’t wait to help in the field.

Right now people are not seeing you in support roles, usually when spotted folk are seeing you doing other roles that aren’t relevant. Could you post a time+timezone when you’re usually around so we can get some observation in?

Currently I usually login and start playing around 2 pm Pacific standard time. Lately been playing CMO, CO, and various other roles like QM and MT but with lesser frequency. If you wish to observe me and I am not in game but seem online at the moment, then shoot me a DM. I am very active in the discord and will certainly answer.

So sorry for not responding sooner, man. I’ve been swamped with college work, so had no time for CM recently.

In any case, +1 from me. You are an amazing roleplayer and were even able to create an entire backstory for a scar on your character apparently on the fly when I sat down for a talk to you as William Morrison.

That being said, whilst I am confident you know your way around medical and engineering, I, and apparently a few others, haven’t seen you around those roles recently when I do play CM. (Then again, I do play on lowpop mostly, so it’s to be expected). As such, I’d like to ask you a few questions to ensure others that you know what you’re doing.


  1. What is the order of tools you would use for fixing a hugged patient who also has a chest frac and heart damage?
  2. What is the recipe for cryo-mix? (Open-ended)
  3. What is UNGA and its recipe? (Open ended?)


  1. When constructing corners in barricade lines, should the corner be outward or inwards? Why?
  2. What is the difference between a plasteel barricade and a folding metal barricade? Is one inherently better than the other? (Open-ended)

I thank you for your support and confidence within my abilities, I do enjoy roleplaying and creating really good backstories. Keen eye you have.

Now, for your questions:

Medical questions;
" 1. What is the order of tools you would use for fixing a hugged patient who also has a chest frac and heart damage?"

  • First priority is the larva; Removing the armor, scalpel, Hemostat, Retractor to get access to the ribcage, Then I use the retractor again since the chest is fractured, not needing a circular saw to cut through it, and cutting down on time required for extraction as a bonus. Now, PICT system and then hemostat to remove the larva. Then using the trauma kit TWICE on their organs, to ensure I have properly fixed them. Then bend the ribcage back into place with a retractor, bone gel to seal the ribcage, and another bone gel for the fracture, bone setter, and then cautery.

“2. What is the recipe for Cyro-Mix? (Open Ended)”

  • Cyro mix to my knowledge, through cyro cells are hardly used even though they are massive helps with severely wounded, is a mixture of cyroxadone and clonexadone. With that being said, improvements can be made; by using a larger beaker (120u instead of 60u) you can additionally add Dermaline, Alk, Nutriment, Ima, And Meralyn to boost the healing rate and expand what the cyro-cells can heal. Though just having Clonexadone or Cyroxadone is sufficient for most situations.

"3. What is UNGA and its’ recipe? (Open ended?)

  • UNGA is typically a drink dispensed in a reagent tank or into a flask/canteen. The drink itself contains TYPICALLY the following: Tricord, Bicar, Meralyne, Dermaline, Oxycodone, and kelotane. Variants of the recipe are easily made (such as adding stimulants or something similar), and masse produced granted the chem dispensers can handle it (typically they will unless you start making UNGA near 0 energy).

Engineering questions:

“1. When constructing corners in barricade lines, should the corner be outward or inwards? Why?”

  • The main reason, as I see it and have been told, is to give a wider area to fire from. You see, a “U” shape has alot more surface area, and thusly more firing points, than a simple “|” line. As well as requiring the enemy, typically xenomorphs, into a more threatening situation. but typically, the surrounding terrain is the deciding factor in whether or not you should construct a inward fortification. Outward fortifications are typically bad (should I understand the properties of the question, the outward should be a upside down L yes? Suppose this is in the eye of the beholder…) and should be avoided if applicable. but resources should also be accounted for; I’d rather have a sealed off FOB, than a good cadeline with a bloody hole in it.

“2. What is the difference between a plasteel barricade and a folding metal barricade? Is one inherently better than the other? (Open-ended)”

  • The differences between plasteel and a folding barricade are apparent. One is made from plasteel , and as the name suggests, which is alot stronger than metal in MOST situations (excluding upgrades). With that being said, Plasteel barricades are fairly expensive, 8 plasteel per one barricade. Where as Metal folding Barricades are 6. With metal being much easier to accquire. But the ease of access and repairs isnt the best for the actual cadeline in question. Typically metal folding barricades are weaker than plasteel, and since they cant be upgraded like regular metal barricades, its a obvious weakness for a way outside of the cadeline that can be easily exploited if found. always use metal folding cadelines with the thought they are likely the first to fall.
    TL/DR: Plasteel are perferred for any access points within a cadeline, expensive though. Folding are cheaper and easier to maintain, though this comes at the cost of being weaker. Neither trumps the other, and both have their place.

Any issues or additional questions are welcome in all forms. :+1:

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Nice man! If I could give ya a +2, I would. Looking forward to seeing Ezra in action!

(By the way, by outward corners, I mean corners that sort of “bite into” the defensive line, as opposed to “sticking out”)

Thank you for clarifying, glad I understood what you had meant first try! At very least, you allowed me to show other people and synthetic WL holders my understanding and further competency of the game! Once again, Thank you for commenting.

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No worries, but as I said before, I really should have responded sooner, since I said I would. So don’t thank me, I nearly didn’t hold up my word.

Council votes have been tallied and this application has been denied. You may re-apply in 30 days if you so choose.

3 Main issues have been cited when gathering feedback among WL holders and councilors.

Firstly, with specific regard to HM performance, multiple points of feedback that the application period appears to have resembled a training process rather than entering ready to showcase ability, with the end result still lacking. Continue to practice the massive-damage cases in particular when alone such that time and resources are spent efficiently and quickly without pauses to process. If you choose to take another shot, come into the application period ready to showcase rather than re-acquainting with changes. We need to see consistent and continued performance rather than a trend from not so great to kinda alright.

Second, there has been a lot of mixed feedback about RP. Ultimately, synthetics are expected to perform strongest in RP fields rather than mechanical ones. When checking, a lot of instances were noted about OOC concepts creeping into IC speech, the odd meme reference, and overall we are left wanting for a solid example of a serious HRP streak that we can point to and be certain of. Some suggestions are to try and do a stent of HRP echo play, carry on a specific survivor goal, engage with some of the good CLs or as a CL, or otherwise find an HRP rhythm that cuts any and all references to game mechanics, OOC issues and/or memes that you can showcase during an application uptime.

Last is a concern about some OOC issues. Several WL holders have indicated that they attempted to offer feedback or guidance on showcasing, improving and most importantly continuing to show specific roles in order to gather additional visibility and feedback, and that they felt they had been dismissed on the presumption that particular individuals had already cleared you on one area or another. Especially given the above, it would have been wise to take that into account. Remember that each individual council member gathers information slightly differently, has slightly different methods, and we collect and collate that data together. If you take one person’s stamp as final, you’re potentially missing 4 other stamps if they haven’t seen you. Additionally, if you ever have a question about a particular synthetic’s behavior, especially with regards to rules, it would be a good idea to contact some council members to ask about it. There may be a rules interaction you can learn about, or perhaps we can improve on the individual in question’s understanding instead.

Overall, there is potential here, but we need to see a good line-up to an application with a strong learning attitude to prep up the mechanics before an app starts, post an app, continually play to demonstrate mechanics and HRP performance, and keep an open perspective on feedback and improvement.

Added synth:denied and removed synth:waiting