Thespy24574 - Commanding Officer Application

Thespy24574 - Commanding Officer Application

What is your BYOND key?

What is your Discord ID?
Space Waffle#8984

What is your timezone in UTC?
PST (But I mostly play afternoon to night during weekdays)

Player Name You Use Most?
Andy ‘Mutton’ Marcotte

Ban Appeals, Whitelist and Staff Applications:
Denied thespy24574 - Synthetic Application - Denied

Denied thespy24574 - Synthetic Application - Denied

Denied thespy24574 - Synthetic Application - Denied

Denied thespy24574 - Yautja Application - Denied

Denied thespy24574 - Yautja Application - Denied

[Might be more that I cant find or simply forgot to post]

Safe to say I am familiar with the word denied.

Have you been banned in the last 3 months?

If so, why?

Command Knowledge:

How familiar are you with command positions?
Very familiar with command and all its function’s.

Including but not limited to:

Orbital Bombardment Cannon and each shell’s approx. range of effectiveness. (Would also include mortar in this since its the same concept)

Squad distribution and assigning marines and Civilians to squads.

Frequent communication via Announcements so my voice could be properly heard by all listening.

And delegating things to SOs, marines, or other officers or peoples to different tasks should it be required.

Hours in XO:
32.8 hr (Yes just barely breaching the requirement for this WL but I will prove myself as a good and knowledgeable commander)

Hours in SL:
7.8 hr (Yes equally low but I will absolutely prove myself on the battle field.)

Character Information:

Why did your character decide to become the CO of a ship?
After seeing experimental tactic after experimental tactic get squished by his superior officer, Andy ‘Mutton’ Marcotte decided to change up his style and aim for the position of Major or Commanding Officer so no one superior on the ship (Excluding anyone sent by HC that is higher rank) could tread over his experimental tactics and plans. He is quite the inquisitive and speculative type and questions mostly everything, though he mostly keeps all his thoughts to himself, and often tries to find his own path through ways which often have its own path already carved.

How did your character attain the position of CO?
He obtained his position through first becoming a SO, and after instances of several experimental but exceedingly (At the time anyway) good and terrible plans, he was promoted to XO so he could lead the groundside fights effectively. But oftentimes the CO of the vessel he was stationed on treaded over his plans and so he aimed for and eventually obtained the position of CO through exceedingly terrifyingly good tactics and he was also mentored by a Colonel that helped and advised him through his process to the position of Major.

Provide a short story of your CO.

The autobio is set BEFORE Andy was transferred to the Almayer after his own vessel got demolished in a terrible shipyard incident which claimed several hundred marines and crew members, along with several other vessels in various states of damage from the incident. Some say it wasn’t accidental either. but before the incident happened he wrote this autobiography so others could tread in his path should they choose to, or at least learn from what he wrote in it.

Command Actions:

When do you believe it’s appropriate to pardon a prisoner?
The most important part for when pardoning a prisoner is that they are remorseful for their actions and deeds they have committed. Furthermore this is extended should the person be of use or needed to help the operation at hand and the crimes are minor and they aren’t a repeat offender then a pardoned in my opinion can be made for the operation’s sake.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use pardon.
Here’s an example of when I WOULD use a pardon in the situation as follows:

Grenadier specialist is charged with Hooliganism, Assault with a deadly weapon (boot knife), and manslaughter. In this situation I will listen to the MPs and what they have to say first, then I will speak to the Specialist and the person he accidentally killed. Should the GL spec show remorse and the marine he accidently killed forgive him I will then pardon him of all charges and have him go to the front lines.

Here is an example of what I would NOT use the pardon for a marine or person:

Lets say 3 marines start fighting with boot knifes at each other for stealing, punching another or some other minor thing but didn’t kill or seriously maim someone, All three are charged with Assault with a deadly weapon, Disorderly Conduct and Hooliganism. In this situation all three plead their own case with varying accounts of what happened, but all three also displayed a lack of respect of my command and further all three asked for a pardon without respect for what it takes or just treating the whole ordeal as if nothing happened.

When do you believe it’s appropriate to use a Battlefield Execution?
In my opinion, I would rarely use B.E. as I prefer proper use of the law and due process. With that being said, the times at which a B.E. would be appropriate is when my life or other’s are threatened or attacked with malicious intent. So FF situations I wouldn’t BE as it happens all the time along with bad CAS and Mortar.
Situations where my life or others IS threated and the MPs are either gone/ dead/critical/seriously wound and in no shape to cuff or keep the prisoner maintained in brig is when I will use a BE to end the threat to my life or others around me.

Give some examples of when you would or would not use Battlefield Execution.
The situation where I could use BE:

The setting is in shipside bridge, when suddenly CL barges in with several PMCS claiming he owns the ship. And obviously he does not and I argue he doesn’t as the ship is of USMC’s property and he can’t possibly own the ship, he hands me a paper with a stamp on it. Its clearly a faked stamp with even typos inside of it. And printed with a name I never heard of. The situation devolved down until the PMC team leader opens fire, the CL runs behind them and I call for MPs and marines to aid Command. After several minutes of gunfire, several marines, PMCs, and MPs down I stand and walk over to the Team leader and CL. I would put the barrel of my Mateba against the PMC’s head and execute him on the spot, turning to the CL I do the same. ending the threat right then and there. And the rest of the PMC squad will be arrested later and tried for murder, Sedition, and aiding and abetting.

The situation where I would NOT use a BE:

The situation is as follows, Jungle planet with dense forests and foggy low marshes with clearly a war raging on in the distance. I am groundside watching over the marines as they carry out their duties creating and fortifying a FOB, unfortunately several marines are slacking off and not doing the duties assigned to them along with them telling me to fuck off they ignore my orders to get back to their posts. At this point I had enough of their idiocy as this base needs to be built or we will all be over ran in 2 hours. So I called MPs and have them arrested for DSO and Insubordination, using B.E. in this situation would not make sense, even if its a time constraint and shit needs to be done killing someone over it should not be the choice a CO should make.


Have you read the Code of Conduct?

Have you read the application process page?

Do you understand that any player - even donors or staff members - can have their whitelist status revoked should they break our Server Rules or Roleplay Guidelines?

Do you understand you cannot advertise or promote this application on any platform, including Discord?*

Do you also understand that you may not edit this application 1 hour after it has been posted?*

Do you understand that you represent the CO whitelist and that while playing CO as any character, you must adhere to the CO Code of Conduct, Server Rules, and Roleplay Standards?*


For whatever reason the checkboxes that the application gives puts the words “true” or “false” instead of Yes or No. I don’t know why but it does do it.

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I think, as a person, you have good potential on the white list. Your story is fine. But I am curious about what kind of presence you’d look to have in a round. Like, I see you citing experimental plans in your character why? What would you look to bring to the rounds you play?


To start off my presence in the round, in my own opinion, should be fairly noticeable considering the responsibility I would be given and how I typically run operations. For the question about experimenting with different plans of attack, I have a few loaded and waiting to be tried out and (in line with my character’s inquisitiveness and speculative personality) I am fairly excited to see how effective they would be. I am not going to spoil the plans I have made as I want them to be a surprise that will be uncovered in-game. And as for what I look to bring to the rounds I play, I hope to bring more excitement through these experimental tactics. As I have a few that should be quite fun should they work, or at least I hope they will be fun and if the marines would actually listen to the plan.

Hey man, you have 5 denied apps and you decide to apply with basically the min hours. I don’t think that is the wisest choice, and you should probably rethink your strategy.

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Whilst it is true I have 5 denied applications its not relevant as, if you see each application, you will see how far I came and consequently how much I play and enjoy the game and shouldn’t be judged on the failures of past applications, especially since past failures should not hang over player’s future applications. You would create a place of hostility for people who weren’t able to succeed in one area or another which caused that application to be denied. And that’s not a community such as this wants. About the minimum hours for the CO application process, I think it still should be noted its still roughly 30 hours of my life that I spent on XO to reach that marker to not be judged for not having the required time on a application. Not even going to mention the multiple hours I spent on other roles, which when totaled is about 545 hours for marines (roughly 200 hours for xeno + observer combined).

I ask you to not label me as inexperienced. As I am frankly not. And I am simply asking for a application of mine to be accepted.

Hey Iv seen you in a few games and you seem to be able to play XO decently, and obviously have a decent chunk of marien expirence under your belt. However who confident are you, at being able to understand the ground side of the fight with the tiny amount of SL hours?

Finally you talk about experiment plans so saying the ungas listen to your orders. What experimental plans would you make from

Big red
LV-522 chances claim

This isent a +1 or -1 yet btw.

You have to show past apps for a reason, and if you’re already struggling to make pred, then put the min effort in for a CO app, it’s not a good look is all im saying man

To answer the first question, While I do have quite frankly low hour with SL, it doesn’t mean I don’t understand what is happening groundside. With help of SOs, Frequent communication of thoughts, plans, actions and what options I give to the SLs to utilize. I would say my ability to construct the picture of groundside battle happening is pretty decent. In this I allow SLS (especially delta as a good SL in delta can absolutely change the tide of war) to go for any openings or utilize their squad however they see fit. While I merely control what they will start to do, if they vaguely stick to my plans, Such as turning colony power back up, but deviate when they finish or start doing something else that is evidentially benefitable to the operation as a whole I will let them do so. As long as they get the objective complete I will allow a loose leash on them.

For the second question, I have experimental plans ready and a few more in the making. Unfortunately the most recent experiment regarding groundside operations was a failure and I will attempt to make the following experimental plans better where I see what went wrong in the previous ones.

Now on the to maps you wished me to give examples for:
Lv-624, there is several ways I have an experimental tactics and groundside operations can be conducted. Here’s one of them:
All squads land Lz1, Leaving bravo for FOB and getting engineers from alpha to telecoms (Which is usually north LZ) to turn them on and fortify, Alpha, Charlie will go to hydro through cargo and nexus road respectfully. Delta will be routed to Engineering to establish power, and then head to hydro to rally there. When alpha reaches hydro they will scout the fog for potential gaps, if none then the plan will go as follows: Alpha, and Charlie will push onto beach (Assuming the xenomorphs build up beach and it didn’t get OBed) and start fighting through the xenomorphs. Delta will preform a flank into the cave system with help from Bravo marines who couldn’t be assed to sit at FOB and protect it along with bravo specialist. This flank will divert xenomorphs from the front, assuming the casualties from this flank will be great I will allow the delta SL to fall back whenever he chooses to do so as he hopefully would be preforming his excellently task by weakening the front by removing several xenomorphs from the beach head. From there Its a shot in the dark on how the operation will go, lot of this is speculation considering the man possibilities that lie ahead in creating a plan, and a lot depends on the Squad Leaders to do their best in leading their squad with help from Command to organize the rest of the squads and rally them to specific areas or to jump in on weak areas they find.

Not even mentioning the possibility of survivors that may very well change where the marines would drop first. But generally the plan will be mostly simple for the SLs to change what’s needed to be done without abandoning the objective they been set for. After all, my CO loves results and seeing the SL’s preform the best with barely any restrictions is the best he can do for them to get said results. Hopefully changing what needs to be changed for it to succeed better. Possibly with less deaths too.

For Big Red:
All marines land LZ1, Alpha will head to telecom’s location and bring it online before joining delta. Bravo will hold FOB as usual and start fortifying the hell out of it. Charlie and delta will find where the xenomorphs live and establish a front (Usually filt because big red). After the gunfire starts ringing out they all flank south this includes alpha, Charlie and delta in a massive attempt to flank the enemy. Leaving only a handful of marines behind to keep the front alive and distracted, all SLs during this flank will be allowed to fall back whenever they deem necessary.

Relatively simplistic considering Lv-624’s plan but that’s just to show how complicated the fog makes things. But much like the previous plan, it doesn’t include anything special regarding survivors and other aspects that may be present during the round. As the round goes on it will be more defined what will happen during the round, more specifically if queen joins the fight early.

For Lv-522 Chance’s claim I have something Special planned for it.
This is one of my unique plans for this map. If it will work or not is up for debate and further comments.
LZ2 will be designated as main landing site but both Normandy and Alamo will be launched to their respective sites. (Normandy LZ1 and Alamo LZ2 since both aligned that way). Normandy will carry Alpha, Charlie, and Delta. Alamo will carry bravo for FOB creation and procurement of equipment. The marines will also fall back to LZ2 should they need to resupply. Either way, should the xenomorphs notice they are landing LZ2 but not LZ1 too then they will be surprised and caught off guard. This is the main goal to catch them whilst they are not ready to fight at west reactor. Alpha will get power up and delta will fuck with communications (should telecomm be in the direction of west reactor). When all that is secured alpha and delta will join back with Charlie in assaulting west reactor.

From there its any man’s guess what will happen, either we get pushed back and fail or something shipside such as a bad OB callout. Many things can decide if a plan works or not. but that being said, it should work for the most part if the xenos relax too much down there and get caught off guard.

Any case I hope these are detailed enough and furthermore are open enough to see into the mind of my CO’s personality. There are many holes in each plan I am sure, but with planning and accounting for these holes as I come by them, I am certain a solid experimental plan could be used effectively with the marines and utilized properly by the SLs.

Agreed I do have to show them for a reason, that is I am persistent and will stop at nothing to get what I believe I will be great in. And I didn’t make the pred WL (last Application I done since the new forums I believe) due to no one commenting on my application and whatnot. The one before that I simply answered some HC questions wrong due to my interpretation of the HC to be more strict and inflexible than it really was.

It may not be a good look but to me its a sign of ‘battle’ scars and lessons I learnt from.

Final couple of thing’s I’ll ask
Will you heavy relie on a compitant CIC and SL staff or would you also deploy to take the lead away from sl’s
And how confident at ML are you? Have you had to handle Appels?
(Oh and could you send a picture of your play times it’s good to have)

I will not heavily rely on competent CIC staff I will make use of the SOs and (if they choose to do so) the CO to the best of their ability to advise and organize squads to the current situation as needed. In that sense I will moderately rely on them. Hell, I would do 90% of the CIC work if needed, even teach new SOs how to operate and organize squads should a SEA not be there to do so. All I require from the CIC to do what they are asked to do, and do it efficiently as possible.

As for taking lead away of SL’s. I think it should be left to those who believe they can confidently wield their command and the operation as a whole while down there, With this being said I will 9/10 NOT take lead away from SLs. They know how to properly wield their squad the best and I will not tread over how they set up their squad. Much of that has been done to me before, I wouldn’t want to do it to others.

As for ML, I have exceptionally competent with and know my way around ML excellently considering what I have to deal with. And I have handled appeals before, even been noted by a CMP (if I recall it was Celestine who mad the comment, I think it was said on discord) for taking exceptionally good care in dealing with the appeal and taking all the information I can get to get a proper and lawful conclusion. Whilst I suspect the results may deviate as no human is 100 percent in anything, I will be an example to most MPs and Officers alike.

My screenshots of my play times:
Screenshot 2023-03-16 172629
Screenshot 2023-03-16 172646

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Your story was good , you seem competent in command and have an interesting gimmick for your co my one worry is the low so hours but I think if you just keep up hours while the ap is going through it should be fine I’d be inclined to give you a +1 as I think you deserve a chance and we can always be removed good luck!

I can’t thank you enough for putting faith in my abilities, I will not disappoint in regards to my gimmick and the like. Thanks once again.


I believe I’ve seen you once or twice while I was playing CMP. The operations were both won, and CIC rolled smoothly. I didn’t see any errors. I cannot vouch for roleplay capacities, as I haven’t spent much time around you (especially as CIC staff), however you seemed pretty well within the lines to following SOP and ML. The only unfortunate thing I’ve not seen you do is apply marine law in effective ways aside from ordering an arrest. I have yet to see you handle any appeals, and I have concerns about your ML application and knowledge, seeing as you have barely over 8 hours of MP total - however you boast about exceptional knowledge of it.

I wrote some questions previous for another whitelist applicant but they went unused, so I’m going to give them to you. I don’t have a -1 or a +1 here for you yet, but I would like to see you answer these questions to showcase your knowledge of marine law. Remember - even if you don’t know the answer, it’s best to admit it and ask for help (even from the CMP, as the CO, or feel free to ahelp).

  1. A corporate liaison authors a PMC contract. The PMC contract states immediate redesignation from the USCMC to WY. The CO signs off on it. Was anyone in the wrong? If they were, what crimes did they commit according to ML and SOP?
  2. A cargo technician masterkeys down an airlock to reach a medkit. An MP arrests the CT and brigs them for major DTGP. It is later revealed that the CT was getting the medkit as someone was critically injured nearby, and nobody was responding to calls for help. Was anyone in the wrong? If they were, what crimes did they commit according to ML and SOP?
  3. An MP ordered an arrest a nurse, to which the MW carried out. The nurse appeals, and the CMP accepts it, and places prevarication on the MP. The MP appeals it, and is denied by the CO. Was anyone in the wrong? If they were, what crimes did they commit according to ML and SOP?
  4. A doctor stands in the way of the CMO. The CMO picks them up and throws them before moving forward, because they were blocking their way in the lobby. An MP arrested the CMO for NOD. Was anyone in the wrong? If they were, what crimes did they commit according to ML and SOP?
  5. An MT breaks open every cell, the yard, and perma cells while MPs were all busy dealing with a briefing situation. MPs discover it was the MT, and charge him with jailbreak because they were bringing people back to the cells. Was anyone in the wrong? If they were, what crimes did they commit according to ML and SOP?

I wish you luck with your application otherwise! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your comments and noting of my last operation you were apart of and how it ran smoothly, I do boast of my exceptional knowledge of it though it could be subjective on if its exceptional or not as the word ‘exceptional’ is being used loosely in this case.

Any case I will answer these questions now.

1: There is some wrong doing in this question, CO shouldn’t have signed off on this PMC contract as that would be a sign of desertion of one’s post and furthermore duty to the Corps. Both are in the wrong A: attempted sedition by the CL for creating the damn contract in an attempt to remove CO/any other key member of command by becoming a PMC. B: CO is in the wrong for desertion for bloody signing off on it and is self explanatory.
In this case I would Fax HC about arresting the CO for desertion, and I would set the CL to arrest for sedition and abetting in an attempt to overthrow the command structure of the ship.

2: I have two stances on this, the first stance is that the marine did nothing wrong as he lacked the necessary equipment to tend to the marine in which case an appeal should be made and based on these facts I would let him go.
My second stance is that there’s typically wall mounted venders all over the hull of the ship which contain healing supplies (unless the wounds were too severe which case I would take the first stance) to tend to the marine with until a Medic or Doctor comes to give more advanced medication and healing. Which case I would charge the CT with DTGP but I will allow an appeal. (This is still situational and depends on the knowledge the marine has with the ship, if it was a newbie CT I will approve the appeal due to him simply lacking knowledge about the venders. I will also likely not charge the MP who arrested him with anything as I see how one could see this as crime worthy of arresting someone, though he should be focusing on what caused the marine to go into crit rather than a simple window being broken.)

3: It would seem both CO and CMP agree that the MP was in the wrong, and seems they conducted this fairly as possible. (as I don’t have much to go off of, don’t even have the crimes the nurse was charged with) MW wasnt in the wrong either as he, I suspect anyway, doesn’t know the whole story and thus when through with the arrest order as most would. I see nothing wrong with this situation, the MP who originally ordered the arrest of the nurse seems the be in the wrong and justice (At least with what I am given) appears to be upheld to high standards.

4: This a tricky one, There is no real right answer considering everyone (Excluding the doctor) commits a crime. For one the CMO assaults the doctor to have him move out of the way, and Two the MP arrests the CMO for the wrong crime (Though I do suppose a marine could have reported the CMO for not being there on time due to the blocking in lobby). In this case, if somehow I get the full picture, I will charge the CMO for assault rather than NOD, and the MP be arrested for prevacation due to this situation.
This is likely not the best solution but its the best I can think of when all the information is properly gathered.

5: I see no real issue (Other than there not being a warden to oversee brig but I suppose they were handling briefing due to staffing issues). The MPs lawfully arrest the MT who broke the cells, yard, and perma cells open for jailbreak, Though additional charges can be placed such as:

DTGP, Interference: major (due to the MPs already handling people who broke the laws and came back to brig to see all the walls gone and further delaying the processing time), SOP/FFP: Engineering section he modified the ship without consent from CE, Disorderly conduct due to disrupting primary function of the brig.

Quite the list considering what he done, which is justified under the law. You mess something up royally, expect to get the same in return.

I hope these answers were satisfactory and/or to your liking and further faith in my abilities to comprehend ML + SOP. Thank you for your response, and feel free to pitch in with your own comments and thoughts about how I would handle these situations.

I’ve over 300 hours in MP roles, and although I am not staff at this time, I will walk you through what i can with my experience and tell you how I would handle it (if you were incorrect), or how to improve.

Question 1

I wasn’t clear enough with the prompt; the prompt is about the CO signing off on someone else transferring into the WY PMC corps.

Question 2

This is correct.

You fall off here. You can’t appeal a guilty charge. As destroying an airlock is major DTGP - it can’t be NJP’d. If you break the law in aspect to save someone else’s life, there’s a clause that waives crimes within reason. So, this is a or-or situation, where you have to pick a side. In this specific case, they should have been able to appeal with the knowledge that they were acting in the preservation of another human being’s life, and ultimately that airlock can be replaced and marine law understands that, essentially, it was permissible to break the law.

If the life and limb of a ship’s crew or other personnel are at risk in a situation, personnel may act in a manner reasonable to preserve them even if such action would otherwise violate marine law.

Question 3

You fell into a trap here. MPs are not commissioned officers - they cannot order arrests. They are authorized to detain and arrest, or mark people for it, but they cannot force other MPs/deputized personnel to arrest others. The warden and CMP, can, as they are officers, but regular MPs cannot. Because of this, prevarication is an improper charge (they didn’t arrest the nurse themself). The MW acted on their own behalf, and detained the nurse.

Here, the MP should’ve actually been charged with neglect of duty if they acted on improper grounds (for example, the information came from an untrustworthy source and the MP failed to accept it. If the MP had reason to believe that the arrest was legal, yet it turns out at the end it was improper, the MP probably shouldn’t be charged). Because the CO actually denied this appeal - I personally would’ve faxed for a NoD warrant, from my aforementioned reasoning, alongside the CMP for NoD (placing wrong charges).

Question 4

You are partially correct. The MP was correct to charge the CMO with NoD, but should’ve put assault alongside it. Heads of staff (and generally officers) are expected to not commit major crimes towards their subordinates (such as assault). It’s not specifically written, but it’s been ruled on by management, and it’s an expectation they hold. The MP should not have prevarication placed on them (for obvious reasons).

Question 5

Personally, I agree with the intent that it is jailbreak, but staff has ruled otherwise. Someone needs to be physically in the cells or yard for it to be considered jailbreak (and processed).

I agree with both major DTGP and FtFP. I personally would not apply major interference, but because of your reasoning, if this was someone appealing, I would take your stance. This is something you could argue that they did.

At this time, I’m going to leave you with a -1 and a chance to return it to a neutral vote depending on what you remake your response to question #1 with.

I would like to ask you to try and raise your MP hours to hopefully at least 20 - and to feel free to ask for some new questions from me once you get there. I want to give you props, though, for taking the time to respond to these edge situations.

If you get a grip on these edge cases, and a grip on marine law, you’ll have a strong starting position as CO (and as any commander, actually). I think this is something you can fix before this application even closes, to be honest, and will save headache in the future.

Keep improving with time, your application is almost there! :slightly_smiling_face:

I see, If it wasn’t clear enough it seems I need some more time as MP then. Thanks for the possibility of getting more support for my application though.

I wasn’t sure on the trap one (#3) as there simply wasn’t enough evidence of wrong doing. The assumption was the MP officer saw a crime and ordered the arrest since he witnessed the crime happen and didn’t manage to detain the nurse. And so he wanted the arrest warrant on them in case another officer finds them.

But suppose that wasn’t the case. And I am making up things.

Any case the others I don’t have much else to say. Thanks for the questions, at least I hope this gives more insight to my mind for other who want to give questions in their own right.

I was gonna go on a several paragraph justification of my bullshit (even longer than this one), but I realized I should care less about other people’s bullshit (and it was a bit off-topicy).

What clarifies - for me - someone to be CO is to be brave enough to let character shine. I’ve seen you command before and rounds go steady, but what clinched it for me was the round we had on Chance’s Claim.

You ICly organized for my arrest with the MP department all in secret across an almost three hour round all while providing good call-outs and organizing support for the operation. Everytime I returned to the FOB there were new additions, ammo, the DS cycling, and even unique researcher chems. I truly suspected nothing. The only reason of which I found out about the goings ons was a loyal SO late in the Operation. And when the Faxes for a Warrant were denied, you and the CMP decided anyway that you will go through with it as a mutiny. This is outright dangerous - perhaps suicidal - for your Character, but ya were committed to doing it anyway on behalf of those - your character perceived - Lenina had wronged that OP. You were gonna coup a CO while your app is up, damn the consequences.

For this action you have my respect and my +1.

My Advice is while this App is up keep playing meaningful rounds of XO. Don’t get burnt out or go on autopilot. Quantity of play literally doesn’t matter outside of the initial 30 hours IMO, outside of community being more aware of your character’s existence. Quality is far more important. Also, don’t wait for a WL to try and do something bold (but not too bold(but perhaps??)). You’re the aCO so long as none of our dumbasses are spawned, meaning you’re the pilot of the round. And if you don’t have the energy for XO, play some SO (still can help with being recognized by command (I know I adore good SOs(and have said some should play XO/go for CO))) or SL to keep at that commanding ability (it also gets your name out there to the Apes pretty well(if you do a good job)).

Good luck.

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Good to see you here, That round was very crazy. I personally would give credit to the researchers, medics and Req staff that did LITERAL GOD’S WORK during that round. On the part with the CO mutiny, my character felt that the situation you gave us made me force my hand as you did EXCELLENT in making my and the CMP’s blood boil. And it would have been suicidal but we didn’t care, the principals of how things are done were being destroyed with how you commanded and presented your character. I will give credit where its due. In this I still think, due to the RP we’ve done, the mutiny should have gone through even if it was illegal, (And I woulda gone through with the mutiny, But I would like to stay unbanned during my time in CM13 so yeah) and damn my position if I am gonna let a CO let their marines die for nothin’.

Also the experimental plans I create are really just “how do I augment a plan to minimize casualties”. That’s the goal, for my CO WL. How do I bring the most back?

Any case I look forward to more interactions, hopefully on the same moral plane that way some good quality conversations can happen without me and you butting heads about the way we command our marines. Even if I don’t get this WL I will certainly not stop anytime soon.

God that round was… absolutely what CM should be about, it will stay in my memory for a good while. Shame they don’t happen often.

See you in the Bubble, Major. :saluting_face: